Pfizer COVID19 Inoculations Do MORE HARM THAN GOOD - The Science.

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Following on from Dr. Robert Malone's recent ejection from Twitter, @thoughts-in-time (and others) pointed me to this video Malone shared from a Canadian Doctor's Association which is a clear demonstration of the fraud being perpetrated by Pfizer and Corporocratic Cronies.

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance is one of several well organised groups of professional Doctors, clinicians and researchers who have joined forces to fight back for truth in the face of a continual onslaught of disinformation and lies presented to the world by the pharmaceutical industry.
The fact that they and I are having to repeat ourselves nearly 2 years in to this farse, despite the science being clearly in our favour - is frustrating.
In my case I have been pointing to this situation for nearly 15 years as loudly as possible (despite being censored all along).

In any case, please watch and share this excellent video which takes many of the data points and understandings which Dr. Malone, myself and others have been pointing out all along. The data in this video has never been successfully disputed by the pro pharma people as far as I am aware. Despite the likelihood that this post on Hive will be downvoted to zero - the downvoters have never even attempted to provide a shred of evidence that I am wrong either.
Obviously, to anyone with an open mind and heart, this is only demonstrating the hishonesty of these people who arguably have the blood on the their hands that they try to say that I do.

There is no need for people to argue over any of this - the science and the maths involved speak for themselves, but it seems that many prefer to skip this over and either get stuck in limited thinking and fear or just see what they want to see for their own reasons.

Summary of this video:

  • Pfizer's research into the safety and efficacy of their shots is hugely flawed in many ways. They have covered up injuries and deaths caused by the shots right the way through and hugely failed to stick to scientific principles.
  • Governments have bought in to this agenda.
  • The amount of money involved is enough to buy off a very large number of people. (My note: There are estimated to be at least 5% psychopaths in human population, which is easily enough to ensure that the most evil people alive hold all the power positions in the 'health' systems, governments and pharmaceutical industries.)
  • The Pfizer shots do more harm than good - as proven by Pfizer's own data.
  • The post rollout monitoring is hugely flawed (as evidenced by numerous of my own posts on Hive that were repeatedly trending).
  • Pfizer has a long history of massive criminal fraud and neglect in exactly the kind of situation we see them in today - having accrued billions in fines. Why is anyone trusting them at all?

I personally know of numerous people who are friends and family of people I know who have died shortly after receiving COVID19 shots. I don't know a single person who has been proven to have died from COVID19 itself. Therefore, as I predicted all along, the experience I am having is perfectly matching what the REAL data predicted - which is that the shots are more dangerous than the disease.
This is also born out from the evidence in the comments under my posts over the last 2 years.

Yet.... We still are told that everyone has to get shots, even those with natural immunity. We are told that children have to get shots, despite them being at virtually no risk from COVID19 and the shots themselves not preventing transmission.
Austria is about to literaly destroy the lives of anyone who refuses the shots by
imprisoning them and bankrupting them!

There has never been a more serious threat to human life on this plant (in my lifetime) than what this is doing to us and yet so many people are actually cheering on the onslaught. I absolutely empathise with people comparing this to the Nazis in Germany - who sought to gain popular support for doing anti human things on a mass scale.
YOU MUST HELP TO CHANGE THE SITUATION. YOU (and we all) are needed to learn, studym focus and do whatever is necessary to shift perception of the situation to minimise harm to the planet.

I am not asking you believe me. I am asking you to NOT believe me and also to NOT believe ANYONE.

Your own dilligent research and discernment of fact from fiction - open mindedly including historic detail, direct examination of data and leaving no stone unturned is step 1.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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You don´t need to be an expert to see the genocide . . . .

Yes, 90+ countries follow a similar pattern. There are several islands that had Zero COVID cases before the shot rollouts and then started getting deaths right away. It couldn't be more obvious but there are none so blind as those who will not see.

You miss the forest for the trees. The true threat to humanity comes not from big pharma or vaccines, they're irrelevant. It comes from tyrannical government regulation, mandates and apartheid apps. Fascist governments of Europe have coalesced to ban people from entertainment, stores, essential services or even work if they refuse to upload the spyware on their phones. This would've been unthinkable in 2019!

The pharma groups and governments generally operate as one entity - we can see this by the revolving door of government to corporations.. Also by the fact that the US literally banned every drug that would have helped in COVID19 in order to ensure that only vaccines or Remdesivir would be used. This has been the situation for a long time. Fascism isn't just about killing your opponents, it's also about making sure they can't heal.

My Son has been doing his research and spreading the word since the last 6 years and people were laughing him out, but now some have started understanding the behind the scenes agendas. We have been following on David Icke, Dr. Mercola since years and they have been screaming on this and they get banned from places. There is enough information out there but still some choose to never understand. I am seeing people lined up for the 3rd booster as soon as it was announced and there were no mandates also on them.

Yes, they haven't understood that the only way to solve these situations long term via the web is to use decentralised technology. I was also heavily censored even before david icke and mercola so I made sure to find the technology that can solve that issue at least!