Would That Work Here?

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Hello, foodies of hive. I hope you all are doing well in this day where calamity is striking almost every part of the world.

Opening the news on my phone scares me, to what disaster did I wake up one? And with such tumultuous noise doing what needs to be done(study/work) becomes way too difficult.

And yet, after another long and busy day of strife, we tend to forget to ask ourselves, “Did I have a good laugh?” And so, I got to the point of asking my friends to set a date for hangout. It wasn’t going to be all that fancy, just a good eatery would suffice. Dhaka is in no shortage of that.

But, we elected the place where we usual met, a small restaurant in Bashundhara Gate that served pasta, this was the closest one to our heart.


As I was leaving, I met this absolute gorgeous thing lying about the university. It casually meowed at me and that kickstarted a drive within me.

The fur of cuteness posed for me, somehow he understood the assignment.
A hand reached out to the sweet cat, as it purred divinely. Both instincts colliding in a controlled commotion.
It circled my feet and slowly came to a halt in front of me.

But, upon reaching there, it seemed to be closed. It would open after several hours and we were only gonna meet for an hour or 2.

I remembered a certain offer that comes once every Tuesday, and we all wanted had been thinking about it for some time.

It was KFC. Now, I got to learn two news stuff here, one was during ordering and the other was after I got home.

tHe sMoKeY cHiCkEn
I learned that there was two options of chicken I could have. Either the crispy one or the Smokey one. Now, I didn’t order this one but a friend of mine did. He was the one that told me about the options. Being a guy, I was naturally curious, and so I ordered the Smokey one. We didn’t get the meal one, it was a normal bucket of 8 piece and 6 piece wings and 6 piece strips. Now that I’m writing this, I should’ve gotten the meal one. It had 2 side of fries and drinks.

Boy oh boy, was it juicy!? It was probably the best chicken I had had for a while, without feeling thirsty that is. This was a good choice on my part.

But, I suspected that it would not be enough for the 3 of us.


So, I suggested to get 3 burgers for ourselves.

As the time passed, we discussed about the daily rackets around the world. People using flawed views on a religion that preaches good… the huge scam in Bangladesh by a ponzi app called MTFE. p.s I didn’t lose there.

It was a relief to hear than my friends were also doing well in their lives. The amount of responsibilities increased and little by little, their said freedom had holes. Filling them would need a lot of time, that included playing the games we used to play, do some hangouts, and finally go on a much needed trip.

While we pondered about the future’s bounties and depressing news, we didn’t realise that we had spent over 2 hours there.

Coming back was a hard part. We live close by but we don’t get to see each other that often. Somehow, that isn’t bad. It just makes our next meeting that much exciting. But, who knows, when our next meeting will be?

a SnAiL oUt On A rAiNy DaY aNd I sNaPpEd iT

And finally, to burn off this extra food. I decided to walk for a bit. During the return journey, one of the Earth’s mercy was let go, as it gently dripped down. I put my phone, which was at 1%( my phone battery needs changing) in my pocket. I was close by to reaching my home when I instinctively looked down, and voila, there was a little creature slithering by, inches away from being stomped.

I carefully moved away and placed it on the side of the road, underneath the grass. I took a few pics of it but the camera just wouldn’t focus and seconds later my phone died on me. I did get more pics but they are all blurry😭.

My only regret, I couldn’t get a clearer pic.

Once I reached took a long shower, a started off a little reel scroll. There, I found out about a policy of KFC. You see, apparently, if you dine in at KFC and order a bucket, you could get a free refill if you finish it within an hour! At first I thought that it was a scam and that this was a view grabbing video, but I googled it and there it is, a complete sham! KFC does not have such a policy, that was my mind was back to it natural pre-stressed stage.

Yet, a day we’ll spent. Now, we go to another day’s grind. Stay safe and healthy everyone. See you guys on the next one!