My bond with him grows every day

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Grogu.jpgGrogu - photo taken in mid July

This morning, my son told me that he had his networks flooded with pictures of cats because it was International Cat Day. In my house since a few months ago, every day is a CatDay, and any day is good to write about Grogu, who has become the most spoiled in the house.

He is 5 months old. And he has been with us for more than 3 months. It seems unbelievable to me, but in this short period of time, I have become so used to having him that I don't remember what the house was like without him.

It amazes me how we get to know each other better every day. And although his favorite in the house is my son, it is with me that he spends the most time during the day. When my son goes out or locks himself in his room, sometimes he cries for a while and then comes in search of comfort.

He loves to climb on my lap while I'm sitting at my desk, and from time to time, he is nosey to see what he sees on the screen.


Sometimes she also playfully pulls out a claw or two.


Last month my son was given a small fabric toucan, and Tucky became a favorite toy for Grogu.


But don't think it's all of the good love. Poor Tucky, after a few weeks, is already missing a wing, and the beak is a little frayed.


These days, my son was with a friend, and that didn't make him very happy. He didn't like the visit, so after protesting and trying to hide from the girl, he then lay down with me on the sofa wanting to get all my attention.


Last week, he received the vaccine he was missing. The vet found him perfect and said that he is a very healthy cat and that he looks very well taken care of. If we wanted to take him out for a walk, we could do it. However, he is so naughty that I don't dare to take him out. But he is ready to go on a new adventure with his Uncle Ed, @tengolotodo.

And after a few months with Grogu in my life, I now understand why they say that a cat's purr is so wonderful to feel relaxed. In some mysterious way, he understands how I feel, and I am learning to understand him.

Thank you very much for reading!

All writing are my own unless otherwise stated.

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August 08, 2022


To celebrate International Cat Day, check out what Google have made - type cat into the search box, and press the paw:

Cat Paw.jpg

Works best with sound...

Annabelle 😻

Oh my, thank you for letting me know. It is super cute. And when I clicked the first time, Grogu jumped at hearing the meow, hehe. 😻
Thank you again, cheers :)

oh my gosh!!! hehehehe he's so precious! and Grogu! hehehehe what a cute name!

I love when you get those special pets that really find their way into your life to become part of your family!

we have had so many cats hehehehe

and a few - really were not so pleasant at all LOLOL they just didnt' like people hahahaha and never adapted to us. they are a trial! LOL

but when you get the kind that just snuggle up to you and love.. mmmmmmmm wonderful!

I'm totally in love with him, Dreemie 😻

Haha, cats have so much attitude. This one is so naughty and loves to play and bite. But he is also cuddled and love to be spoiled.

I hope you had a lovely weekend 🤗😘

hey @coquicoin, Hope you're doing Good.

Our bond with pets always grows everyday and moment we spend together - your cat is so cute tho i do love cat's they walk freely in my house like a couple

And one them look exactly like yours haha they all are awesome and i just love Cats!

Tho i had no idea about international cats day before.

Thanks for sharing and wish you have a great and wonderful week ahead!

Hey, there! Nice that you love cats, they have so much attitude hehe
I didn't have heard about International cat day either.
Have a wonderful week you too :)

Haha yea so true!

Hehe - now we know
Thank you! Much love.

😺😺 :)


Awwww hello handsome Grogu why I can see my Panda Panda to you 🥺. He's so cute and sweet. That's what cat is they are sweet and they love to be with their hoomans always. 🥰

Hey, there. Thank you so much for stopping by 😸😸

Beautiful cat, his colors very cute, and he looks very tender.

Thank you very much 😺

I like the name. It looks like a Panda. Grogu is blessed to be in your household.

Thank you, Murakami 😊 You are right is like a little panda, jeje

Such a beautiful cat😺😺😺😺🐈🐈

Thank you 😺😺

It is very beautiful and well cared for your kitten, I think that taking him for a walk will do him a lot of good, as they love to run and play a lot. Best regards.

Thank you. He does love to run and play a lot, but within our house, hehe. Thanks for stopping by :)

He’s so cute laying next to you while you’re on your laptop 😅

Hehe! yes, he is 😺 Thank you for stopping by :)

He is gorgeous. There is nothing more comforting than the sound of a purring cat.

I missed that it was International Cat day. I might have to do something today...

Thank you and that’s so true 😻congrats to your trio 😺😺😸 on their international day.

Thank you. I had intentions but they went the way of so many ....

Yay! 🤗
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Your cat is getting better..was she the one who got sick before?

Oh no! He wasn’t sick. He is a kitten and was having the regular vaccination 😺


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Grogu is such a cute cat. It seems he was so playful and loving. I didn't know that it's International Cats Day. Hmm, perhaps we don't celebrate it here. What's the vaccine is about? For vitamins?

Thank you. He is very playful. It's the first time I've heard about International Cat Day too hehe. The vaccine was against rabies. Thanks for stopping by :)

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Thank you very much 😄🐝 Have a great day :)

You're welcome @coquicoin! Have a nice day 😊👍🌹

There is just something very special about forming a bond with a cat 😺 They are such characters in their own right!

Yes:) they have so much attitude 😻thanks for stopping by :)

How adorable Tito Ed's nephew is😍 It is nice that you two are bonding so well. He's looking so spoiled indeed hehehe

He is so spoiled indeed, sis 😻 and a wee rascal as his uncle 😂

I thought so, I told Tito Ed they're a perfect match😂

Haha! They are, sis. 😹

It good to see you here mam, hope your are doing good. Am not aware of cat day thanks for bringing that up,

Hi, there! I'm fine, thank you :)
Nice to see you in Hive. I hope all is well with you, thank you for stopping by:)

Grogu is very cute, and it is obvious that he is the spoiled child of the house who amuses everyone by the tremendous things he does. I hope he gets his walk quickly. Greetings!

Hi! Thank you :) Indeed he is the spoiled child of the house LOL
Thank you for stopping by :)

A vey cute cat @coquicoin with the cutest pink nose. While I like cats I have to admit never owning one, my family are more dog people. All 3 of our adult children own dogs which we dog sit of course. Happy day to you.❤️

Thank you, Angie. I love his pink nose 😻
I have never had a cat before, nor have I ever had a dog. But my husband was a dog person when he was young, and now he can't believe how delighted he is with the cat. Thanks for stopping by. Happy day 🤗

Always a pleasure to drop in but I must say loving cats or dogs means we are animal lovers. I love them all - cows, donkeys, horses, birds ......... which says a lot about the nicety of a person. 💝

I agree animal lovers are kind hearts 🥰
Have a lovely day 🤗

Hola amiga, I hope you are well.🤗🥰 Cats are amazing. Grogu is beautiful and acts like a family member. My son recently had close contact with a cat, he often held it and its purring had a positive effect on his speech as he has a stuttering problem. He was very relaxed in her presence.

Hola Jelena 🤗 Grogu is a family member indeed. And I can tell you that hearing the purring of a cat and stroking one is a natural de-stressor. Maybe you should think about giving one to your son. Cats are not as demanding as dogs for example, and they are so independent and so themselves.
I hope all is well with you, big hugs!


That claw looks deadly lol!

I like how affectionate Grogu is. Such a sweet cat he is!

Hehe, that claw can be deadly, I tell you 😹
He is sweet but super naughty at the same time ;)

Sounds like a spoiled cat lol!

He is indeed 😹😹

I am glad to hear that you got such a good report from the vet!

I totally get how you feel about Grogu! We are animal lovers too, and I just cannot imagine life without them!

Enjoy him and thank you for sharing this with us!

Thank you very much 😺😸😻

Amazing creatures! It's wonderful to be owned by a cat! 😁

Please send my hugs and love to your cute cat. I so love it. Black and white color is my best choice for cats. My warmest greetings from Ph.

Hello, thank you :) I will give Grogu your hugs 😻

What a nice pet name Grogu. Very unique it is coqui. I just heard it now. My warmest hug to Grogu.

Thank you 😻🤗

The pleasure is mine coqui. Have a nice time.

Same to you, happy weekend 🤗

How is Grogu now, tita?

He is fine, Nani. And lately, he has been very naughty.
What about Tofu? Is he around there these days?


I'm more of a dog person, but I love it when I see people treating their furbaby, may it be a dog, a cat, or something else, as a part of the family and not just a pet. <3

Hi, MJ! Grogu is part of our family and may say is the most spoiled member, hehe

Cheers for being a furmom!

you've grown up so big Grogu!!! :)

Big and naughty, sis 😺

I've never had a cat pet... now I wonder how it feels to have one 🤔

Hello sis!
It is the first time I have had a cat, and I can tell you that it is therapeutic. There's nothing more de-stressing than petting a cat or having it purr near your face, hehe
How are you, amiga?

i wasn't allowed to have a cat pet because of my asthma... maybe I can still try it. I'm good...trying to get back on track again... :)

Hi sis. Some cats don't shed much hair. Grogu is one of them, and we keep him well brushed. My husband was allergic to cat hair, but with Grogu he hasn't had any problems.

I'm glad you're back, amiga, and I hope things are getting better.


hi amiga! sorry been away fro 2 days i think got flu and still recovering from it. but will try to write one today :)

Hola amiga!! I'm sorry you got the flu. I hope you are feeling better 🤗