My Passion of taking care Pets. My friend, my family and my happiness

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Mocha was the first thing. My female brown dog. Mocha was my first dog who survived, and despite her difficult illness, she had me as her nurse. Every person in our neighborhood admires her because she was so lovely. If she doesn't hear me count from one to three and say "go," she won't eat. I truly believe that she has adapted to my expectations, and that was a significant part of me. She was actually like a baby to us, so I call her baby mocha. My entire family treated her like a family. Because of her positive attitude, they play with her, give her hugs, and carry her like a baby. They really love her. My grandmother's decision to kill Mocha after giving birth to her for the second time made everyone in our family sad. After hearing the news, I lost strength and spoke poorly of grandma. She wept when grandma told her side. She stated, "I was forced to do so because if mocha will give birth for another time, we will no longer be able to afford to take her children." While I can empathize with her, I simply cannot accept the fact that my first ever survivor dog was killed and eaten.


Mocha is forever in our hearts, and she will never be forgotten. I always have her in my heart as her owner and family.

Dark followed. One of the baby mochas. Because Dark is a male dog, Grandma loves him. His shade really appeals to me, because he actually resembles his mother, I recognize mocha in Dark's image. I gave him the name Dark because he is black, and the most common name for a black dog is black. I gave him the name Dark because I want something new. Dark is very spoiled by grandma, whenever he asks for bread in the morning, Dark will make a cute face at grandma and grandma will ask me to buy a bread. Until you notice him, he won't let you go your way. He will make his cute face and set it. He will also wait for me to count from one to three before eating, just like his mother does. The family also adored him, and to be honest, many had admiration for Dark. He or she will buy him because of his kindness and attractive posture, according to many. Naturally, I say no because I just told them that if I let them have Dark, I won't have anything left. Also, they just keep admiring Dark.

Dark when he was still a baby, vs. now

Yeah he like that sleeping position. And he never sleep on the floor, he sleep in the chair.

Just look how sweet grandma and dark is. So beautiful to see, their connection and love.

When he wants something, this is him. And who could turn down Dark's adorable smiley face?

My love for Dark is greater than my love for mocha, who is his mother. Additionally, Dark helps me avoid missing mocha because whenever I see him, I also see mocha. They are both a family and my happiness. I never treated them like animals because, for me and grandma mocha and dark, they are more like family members than dogs, so we let them eat what we eat. Dogs will act based on how you treat them, and I am extremely fortunate to have my lovely, kind dogs. Their love is pure.

Every pet deserves a good and caring owner, because just like us humans, they also feel hungry, sad, mad, disappoint and they also want to feel love and being loved.


Lucky them, living by the sea they can drink seawater and stay healthy.

Yes they enjoy playing together with their friends freely, and i never hesitate to give that happiness to them.

"I simply cannot accept the fact that my first ever survivor dog was killed and eaten." Who did this? I feel so bad for those who eat dogs because I believe they are not meant for food. They are family and great companions but anyway, I hope you can always give love and keep Dark until his last breath. I have three dogs and I love them very much. Sending hugs for you for Mocha 🤗🤗🤗

My grandma's friend did that. A group of male, I really felt sad and broken, and I blame grandma for that. Little by little i understand also her part, but until now i just cannot forget what have happened to my first ever survivor dog. Mocha is in my heart forever, and my love to her son Dark is doubled, because I see mocha in dark's image.

I'm sorry to hear this. I hope one day those people will understand the value of dogs and won't eat such animal again. Be well!

And you know what? Just this week they also killed another dog and eat! How evil they could be. Anyways i will take a video of them the next time and report it directly

Oh! I love dogs so much. They are the purest creatures on earth. Sometimes I feel humans don’t deserve dogs.

Yeah exactly! They are too kind for us. I agree with that. That's why I said every dog needs a loving and caring owner, it should be.

Hello! I read your content and I found it very cute, I just don't accept the fact that they ate mocha. I don't have that culture, I think dogs are like family and they don't eat each other. But well, I hope that Dark continues to grow and love him a lot. Greetings and hugs.

Hello thank you very much. Yes I will never let a thing happen again, especially to Dark he is now the only dog I have