Our Stray Pets

in Hive Pets2 years ago (edited)

We have unexpected stray pets near our place. Since the lockdown that took place last year, we noticed a group of cats and dogs that stayed in a hut at the vacant properties across our place, which serves as a parking space.

I consider myself a pet enthusiast and seeing stray animals breaks my heart. That's why when I noticed these cats and dogs that stayed nearby, I was easily getting attached to them. Maybe their owner doesn't care about them at all because of why they chose to stay here instead of going home. To show them some love, I choose to feed them. My neighbors also give them food.

Today, I will share with you one of our bonding moments during feeding them. I usually buy food for them when we do groceries with my wife. It is automatically included in the list. My wife is also supportive of it. Then, I personally prepare their food. Since I am not sure if they will like the taste of the food I am going to give them, I still took my chance to feed them. I also made a DIY feeding bowl, separate from the dogs, and also for the cats.

The first inhabitant of the area was the cats. I can still remember one afternoon when I parked my motorbike and a white cat went to me and glided his head on my ankle. Since then, every time I came out of our gate, he comes. Then, I noticed other cats, too. I am having fun every time they play with me. But I can't keep them because we have rules to follow in our building.

Late last year, a mother dog came and gave birth to six puppies. Two of them never made it, that leaves four of them. Since then, the puppies never left and stayed. The mother dog also leaves most of the time. That squeezes my heart, looking at those puppies. So automatically, I also feed them. And I am so happy because I noticed that my neighbors also feed them. That serves as their daily consumption for them to survive.

These stray pets are getting bigger already and it is so fun seeing them grow. And I personally named all of them that my wife keeps on teasing me. I like calling them by their names. For the cats, we have Mummy Cat, Wisi-Wisi, Silver Ears, Fake Kenshi, and Speedy Cat. For the dogs, we have Tukey, Rambo, Tambok, and Ambot. I literally laugh everytime I think how I came out with these names.

After feeding them, I just sat down with them and observe them playing. Both the dogs and the cats get along most of the time. Well, I never saw them biting each other. Since our place is kind of private, only a few vehicles pass by. So they play most of the time along the side of the private road.

Compared to the dogs, the cats are more clingy. If you don't mind them, they will hit you smoothly on your feet, which makes me so amused by them, especially, Wisi-Wisi, the most clingy among them. They can be so annoying in a way sometimes, but I don't mind. They gave me some happiness and that's all that matters.

As of the moment, these stray pets are still living in the hut and we are still giving them food. We are grateful because they are guarding the motorbikes and cars outside. What's funny about it, we noticed some goats in the area. But they don't stay. Also, there were times that we saw additional visitors of Cats and Dogs.

Camera Used: POCO X3