SPEEDY, the Black Neon Tetra

in Hive Pets2 years ago

I started as a fishkeeper in highschool. I have this fascination with taking care of small tropical fish and place them in an aquarium or small pond.

Today, I will share with you one of the fish that I have in one of the planted aquariums in my place. His name is Speedy, a black neon tetra. He's with me for almost two years already. I called him by that name because he is too fast to jump for his food every time I feed him. He has been with other fishes already. But among all of them, he is the only one that I don't transfer to another tank. Why? Because he lives in that tank since I bought him from a pet shop.

He loves to stay on a corner, observant, as if ready to strike for food all the time. I can still remember how small he was when I bought him from a pet shop nearby. But now, he's getting big. I tried to find the same species as him, but I find it hard to look anywhere since most of the pet shops were out of stock. So ever since I brought him home, he is the only Black Neon Tetra I have.

The tank is quite big. So he lives with another variety of tetra, Harlequin Rasbora, and blue neon. Among the three, black neon is only one as I mentioned earlier. Despite the numbers of the other fish, because of its size, you can easily see him, especially during feeding time.

Camera Used: Sony A6000.