My Loki-Floki Bengal Cat is still Handsome and Gorgeous

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Hey you guys and cat lovers 😻

Its been a loooong long time since I last shared something about my bengal cat, Loki.

Hapilly, he's doing fine. You know....him being him. No special requirements, just waiting for some love, food and attention.

In the end of the day it's all about being a grumpy, sophisticated, arrogant, but beautiful bengal cat. 🐈


Human, just shut up! I can talk myself. I will tell them what it's new in my life!

What Really? Ok then, you can have the word, cat! Hmmmm πŸ₯΄


Loki-Floki is speaking now

Hello world! It's me, Loki, but sometimes they call me Vladimir instead. Humans are kind of weird. Why do I have so many names?

Vladimir, Loki, Floki, Lock, Flock, Loni, Bossu, Vladi, Prostan, Demon, Bengalezu, these are all my names.
Weird thing, I tell you. Sometimes I get confused.
The other cats and kittens have only one name and I have at least ten.
I must be special, I guess! πŸ₯Ή yeah....if I think right, thats the reason of having so many names. They adore me! I am the king of the house! πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

Anyways, if you're curious to know what I have done lately, well, continue reading down below life has been pretty much the same as before until I had to support childish behavior from these kittens.

They are too playful. They are annoying, always chasing my tale, always running around. They are loud and they piss me off, especially Mickey. I must admit, he's cute. He will be handsome, but I dont agree sharing a thing with him. He's my future competition.

Look at him. πŸ€”

He's grey, I'm brown. He has stripes, I have dots. He's a little tiger, I'm a leopard.
But sometimes I think he could have been my child. Maybe he is cause you know...his mom...I know his mom. 😁
We'll see about Mickey later. At the moment, he's not a threat. I'll beat his ass if I have too. 🐈😾




Anyways, sometimes the kittens are nice. I even shared bed with them. Actually, it was a box but it felt cozy and nice. And warm. πŸ₯ΉπŸ’—


I love to spend time outside playing with this kid, though sometimes he can be really really annoying too. He's constantly trying to pet me or hold me. I love humans, but they are a little extrame. They dont understand limits, especially kids.
We sometimes play patient and doctor. I usually am the patient, as you can see in the picture below.







My favorite spot is on the grey fluffy carpet. Little human has interesting toys and I like playing with them. I usually learn new things like geography or English. And I like to play with little cars. Those are my favorites.





In this picture little human pretended to feed me. He gave me "chicken bites", he said. They were...just toys.



I spent most summer days outside, chillin' around. I love to sleep a fww hours in the grass or under the trees.
I find my peace listening to nature souds or birds.
But I also love sleeping inside the house, whenever possible.
I get in and lay down in my favorite spot: the carpet. But if little child is too insistent, I lose my patience and I meuw to be left outside again. Alone.
....(well,not completely alone cause outside are the kittens).





Ohhhh! 😻😻😻 look at me! Am I not Gorgeous???











Almost forgot. Here is a picture with my favorite human in the whole world, missdeli! πŸ’— You know her too! She likes to do puzzles so I'm helping her out! See? She likes to take pictures of me, all day long.πŸˆπŸ‘‘



I think thats all I have to say. I hope you enjoyed hearing from me again. 🐈

Hasta la vista 😻

Its me, Loki Floki, the bengal cat! Bye bye humans!



Here you can read my Intro post.😻

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Cute cats.. And the one that has at least ten names? That's amazing.


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He's cute overload. πŸ™ˆ

Did I tell you how much I love Loki yet?? I'd steal it from you at any moment, hahaha! Joke ofc ❀️

Hahaha. We're considering buying a female too, though at the moment we gave 7 cats + Loki πŸ˜πŸ™ˆπŸ˜»

Woah! I only have Sky but take care of 10 others. I would take them all inside the house but living in a single-room apartment makes it impossible. 😐

Mine arent inside, just sometimes, except Loki, who can come in pretty much everytime he wants to. 😁

All of them .. G O R G E O U S!
You are so lucky!

Thanks, I love all my cats.

Hey loki floki demon bengalezu. You're so adorable! Don't pin it on your humans, you're playful yourself! And so friendly sharing things with other kitties! Although I must say your human planked you well with the chicken bites πŸ˜†

Thank you man! That little human is terrible, I tell you. He's also so loud, like the kittens. And he's always trying to play me pranks with his toys.

Signed: Loki

Hello Loki Floki. I like your color. I think you are now my favorite cat. Oh, maybe my mom's cats would be jealous, 🀣 but I just like you. ❀️

Thank you Missleray! πŸ₯°πŸ˜»

I really love the color of your cat 😘 It looks like you really had the best of your time with them β™₯️

Indeed he has a nice brown color. πŸ’—

My God! This cat is beautiful!
He is a cheetah! Or a leopard! But small! 😱

Hey there, thank you for stopping by.
Yes, his pattern is like a leopard. Thats his breed.


you ARE gorgeous for sure, Loki! or Floki...or Vladimir?:)) Vladimir surprised me the most;)))
it's so different from all the rest names;)) why Vladimir?:)) A Russian man name?? Loki Floki goes betetr for him I think;))

Well long story short, Vladimir Postan is a predicator here in Romania, but he preaches nonsenses. And our cat is very talktive, he makes a lot of sounds. Loud sounds. Its his breed.
And because he's very loud, my dad says that he preaches like Vladimir Postan.
Basically, its ironical his name, like a joke. But he stayed with Vladimir name too, we all call him that. My parents, who live next to us, they call him Vladimir and me and husband Loki. But I do call him Vladimir very often because he's very responsive to this name. πŸ˜‚

ahaha so cool story and really cool funny name! I like your Dad's humour;))

Yes, he's funny with his idea of Vladimir. πŸ˜…

He is really gorgeous! I loved seeing all the photos showing the patterning on him. Such an expressive face too.

Thank you! Indeed his pattern is what makes him beautiful. We're considering buying a female bengal cat too.

He is such a beauty! I really love such a cats! It's a pitty that they aren't common in Holland.

They arent common in Romania either, they are a bit expensive to buy. We're considering getting a female too, though we have another 7 cats. πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ

Β 4 months agoΒ (edited)Β 

Your post made google out the Bengal Cat and IΒ΄m really impressed! Seems that this amazing appearance is common in them as they have been bred from the Asian Leopard Cat. They look like miniature leopards indeed! So cool :) Loki Floki is such a handsome fella and he knows it haha :) Cute post! Greetings to your entire feline family!

Yes, they look really amazing, little felines for sure. I love his spots and pattern as well. Bengal cats are among the most beautiful cat breeds in the world, in my personal opinion.
We're considering to buy a female too, but at the moment we have 8 cats, Loki included. Its...insane in here. 😁😁😻 I'm telling u.

P.S. this morning I found 10 dead mice in our yard. That was freaking....disgusting. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I feel so disappointed to not taking a photo. Yucks anyway.

P.S. 2 I hope u and your family are well! 😊

He certainly is so beautiful and has such an intelligent look on his cute face! Thank you very much for sharing these wonderful photographs of him! All the best and plenty of success here on HIVE! Much respect from a cat owner! πŸ™‚

I loved the word intelligent 😁 hehe. He definitely looks like. And arrogant too, but I think all cats look arrogant. They have that distinguish look.

Thank u very much and same for you, from a cat owner (of 8) πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ˜„

Thank you so much as well! Some cats might look arrogant, but deep down inside they are very loving and loyal and want to spend as much time with their owners as possible! All the best and much respect!