My Dogs Evening

in Hive Pets3 months ago

Hi, my dear friends!

If you ask me how my evening is going, my answer is that I'm about to finish this post and start work on a new article. This is despite the fact that my work day started at 9am. But looking at these photos it seems like my dogs are the ones in my house who are the most tired!

Sometimes I really envy them... Their only concern is to look as miserable as possible because I don't give them enough attention. They make a real spectacle of it! They bark, steal and chew things and even ate another mattress.

I try to explain to them that it's not that bad. After all, I work remotely and am around them all day. The only fault I have is that I sit with my tablet and write, whereas they think that every minute I have to devote to them.

I try to tell them that there are dogs that spend hours alone while their owners are at work, but they ignore these arguments.

And now it's evening and they pretend to be terribly tired, having spent the whole day fighting for my attention 😁







It looks like you have at least five cute little doggies. I have just one and he gets my attention 100% when we are out on a walk. Nothing to distract me but an occasional phone call.

Really I have 17)

What beautiful canines you have, they really bring a home to life in an incredible way. Greetings and blessings to all!