Proposal for Hive Promotion on Twitter

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The goal of this proposal is to improve our Hive Twitter marketing effort. If approved, it will be used to gain access to Twitter Enterprise API that can able scrape the data regarding tweet engagements and tweet reach (which currently we do not have) on our daily reports which requires us to pay $1,000+ per month. Code development is also another thing that requires funds for developers and our everyday commitment for providing this data.

Vote for our DHF proposal #173

Regular Twitter Contest: Funds will also be used for our daily / weekly / monthly Hive Twitter contest that also helps to boost our Hive promotion (if budget allows) as I am fully committed on helping to bring value for Hive.

In the past, we have done Hive Twitter contests using our daily payout from our accounts and with the help of our sponsors like @threespeak, @theycallmedan, and @fullalt which is led by @jackmiller. Our history of Twitter giveaway contest below;

$70 worth / 200 Hive power giveaway on Twitter

🤞 500 Hive Power Giveaway on Twitter 🤞

🔴 Let's make HIVE & HBD a household names giveaway for 300 HIVE 🔴

All Hive shills on Twitter will get their free Hive tips for each tweets

💰 200 HIVE Giveaways for helping spreading the good news about Hive 💰

🎁 Giving away 100 Hive Power to our lucky winner 🎁

🪁 200 HIVE Twitter Giveaway | 200 Regalo de Twitter de HIVE 🎲

2021 - Let us make HIVE & HBD household name! Initial 500 HIVE Twitter giveaway

📌 End of the year special 1001 Free $Hive (approx. 130 USD) Holiday Giveaway from Dec 21-25

500 HiveChat Giveaway on the US Election Day. Join HiveChat on November 3rd at 7PM GMT / UTC

🍹 Hard Fork 24 Giveaways Celebration 🍹

🏆 Hive Tips Giveaways for tweeting and promoting Hive on Twitter / 13th HiveTask🏆

Call to action winners of 200 Hive about WINKLEVOSS twins are voicing the end of Facebook era on five or ten years!

and many more which you can check on the history of our account

Why Twitter plays an important role for us?

Twitter is one of the great platforms to talk about how brilliant we can offer here. Crypto OG's, celebrity, news agency, mainstream media and many more do have their own official account on Twitter that we can interact with. We cannot take for granted what Twitter can offer for Hive;

For all of this including our work in the past, we are only asking for 100 HBD daily funding proposal.

You can help to bring value to Hive by voting this proposal for our Twitter marketing effort of distributing awareness to many people as possible. I also want to encourage you to check the decentralized Hive proposal of @nathanmars. Great to be part of this wonderful community, God knows how much I love you guys <3

Vote for our DHF proposal #173

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Interesting proposal. I never knew Twitter had an Enterprise area that could supply such valuable metrics.

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Thank you for checking it out.

I never knew Twitter had an Enterprise area that could supply such valuable metrics.

Yes it has, if we can access such valuable metrics we can access more essential matter for our Twitter marketing effort

Ok, so, I'm quite new, as many more that joined Hive in the last few months.
I need some guidance, there is a los of information in this post.
Maybe as I understand each thing we can put together some order and direct the efforts efficiently.
I learned from consumer studies, that when you give more than 4 options sales tend to decline (i.e. 6 different scents for an ambient disinfectant) as people feel they should put some additional effort to understand I decide.
Let's make step by step for those like me.

Feel free to ask questions, I am willing to share information if I have an idea about it. This post is for the DHF (Decentralized Hive Fund) proposal that if approved by the consensus of the community, we can get some funding from the allocated budget. I guess you know better than I do on branding promotion, I guess you may want to consider setting up a proposal that the community can take a look for and consider in the future.

What service are you currently using to get the data for your reports? Is it free, or subscription?

Currently, we are using free with a limit from the Twitter API developer

Okay, thanks. Out of curiosity though, what information are you looking to get that you can't access through the free version? Just thinking that 1K a month is a pretty steep price, when you already have the ability to generate reports such as these. Aren't there other services that might not be so expensive?

By having access to Enterprise API we can have the advantage of scraping the data regarding engagements and reach (powerful data, IMHO) which aren't available on free version. Frankly speaking, I am not sure what will be it cost because it depends on how big the data per month, it can be less or more than $1k. Surely all funds will be used either for development or giveaway Twitter contest.

Just thinking that 1K a month is a pretty steep price

I am also thinking the same my dear Traci, if you can notice that we started this data reporting since last year but only consider submitting a DHF a few days ago. I guess if the community decides to vote for it then I am only a humble servant to please the community and get this data for all of us, otherwise, we will continue striving on what resources we have at the moment. Great to see your concern here