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I recently came across this post by @instytutfi and thought it was a great idea.

I want to incentivize the profile photo frame promo on Facebook with upvotes!

To participate, dust off your old Facebook profile and follow the instructions in the above post. When you're finished, take a screenshot of your Facebook profile picture with the "Meet Me At Hive.Blog" profile banner and post the picture in the comments below for an upvote.

My proof of POSH:

All rewards from this post will be turned liquid and used in future Hive Posh contests.





I use the Polish version (also created by @instytutfi).

To promote Hive, I also run a fb page.
It is a page in Polish, supported by the Polish Hive community #polish.



Please How do I do that?

You need to edit the details on your profile...


... add a job...


...and add links from Hive as your site.



I use the Polish version. Also created by @instytutfi

may i add -> join the hive Facebook groups and like Hive facebook page too while you are there!

& for Spanish

here is my profile pic =)

Keep on doing what your doing!
Namaste 🙏


Вижте @theycallmedan прави много инициативи от който може да спечелите Hive само за малко промоционални услуги.
Сменете Frame на профила си и качете screenshot тук за да получите глас от @theycallmedan

@jizel.gencheva @motomojo @vaniy
@ivangeevo @tbabachev @sneji79 @alicewonderyoga @koychev22 @laracrofttt

Ето както всички може да видите стойността НА този коментар само с извършване на дадено действи и комуникация може да се правят токени/пари.
Удряйте по един лайк като ви отбелязвам някъде за нещо подобно дори и на 1% да е защото няма смисъл да е на 100% трябва стойността на коментара да е повече от 0.02 за да се изплати инъче ще загуби коментар.


Hive on ;)
@arena10 @selena14 @beatrix070707 @lyubo19 @titofit @motomojo @laracrofttt @alicewonderyoga @ivangeevo @tbabachev @jizel.gencheva @vaniy @borislavzlatanov @sneji79
Даже успя да гласуваш негативно ;)

Извинявай....още се уча ... съжалявам

Споко просто казвам може да се поправи грешката :) намираш червения триъгалника и го сменяш с син ;)

Нещо не ми отваря линка от поста на dan

Над коментара трябва да виждаш нещо като view original post или просто влез в неговия профил.

На мен нищо не ми зарежда от линковете...

Кое мъчиш драко?

Това със снимката в някоя мрежа...

Не разбрах драко...

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Thanks for using your influence here on the platform to promote this photo frame! Let's all meet on HIVE! :)



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Ah yah I am a sucker for these fun promo opportunities. Done!


Keep 'em coming and lets mobilize the Hive Decentralized Militia!

A Hiver in the Philippines
Mabuhay 🇵🇭


My FB profile isn't completely dust covered, as my WordPress blogs auto post to my writers profile (aka fan) page, and I'm an admin for a friends group. I'm essentially hanging around in the hopes I can eventually move that community (23K members at the moment) over here. However, it's a great idea to spread the word of where to find me in case I get booted before that.


And since fan pages aren't able to use frames (least not that I could see), I also "framed" my page profile pic (which is the same as my Hive) on my personal, saved the picture, then uploaded it to my fan page. Oh, and added the PeakD link to my blog in both photo descriptions. 😁



EDITED TO ADD: And why stop at FB? 🤣

What an excellent idea, there is my participation

Meet me on HIVE.png

I shall not be left out 😎

Great idea @instytutfi !

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I'm in!! ;)

I had to join in as well, we need to spread awareness that HIVE exist as much as possible.
Here is a screenshot of my profile pic:


This is awesome! I went and changed me, it worked flawlessly!

Thanks @instytutfi

In other news....Dan's got a Facebook account and hasn't been shut down yet? Living dangerously in Zuck's world man lol

They're not gonna take us all down! ; >

This is my My proof of POSH:

@lurisya y @katteaguilera les invito a que usar este maravilloso marco👏👏

done! 😛


thank you @instytutfi, @theycallmedan and @mciszczon ❤️

My proof of POSH


My Facebook profile link.

Great idea


My Facebook account: AYI JUFRIDAR. Thanks so much to @theycallmedan and @instytutfi. Keep healthy and keep Hive.

Meet me at Hive Blog.jpg

Checked out the main post and it's a niece idea to sell hive more . We could do this on other social networks too


Wow. It is very nice initiative.
Here is my participation


Great idea. Done




This is my proof of POSH

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 7.31.00 AM.png

Excelente forma de promover.

@kismeri @keisslermt



Also for Twitter (just snipped my Facebook profile)


I try not to use the horrible site, but I do have a link on there - it probably gets one hit a month or more. Maybe.


Count me in
Why had we not thought about that before? 😁🤗



Excellent way to promote #Hive




What a nice initiative @theycallmedan, thanks for making Hive such a great project.

foto hive.png

Done, always share my content in FB..!


My FB profile photo hahaha...


At last he is known and what a beautiful lady accompanies him. 😜☺️

Here is my profile update with an additional invitation to join hive using my referral link.

If people request more information, I have a training program in Spanish for their successful entry. Thank you for your initiatives and support. @theycallmedan




I did it..
Previously I also often shared links to my hive posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and some of my other social media pages. I keep campaigning hives to people.

As always, we carry out admirable campaigns for the growth of our home. Thank you @theycallmedan


Foto Facebook con marco Hive.gif

Dan lets onboard facebook groups to Hive :)

With some 3 Min Video " How works Hive" with keychain and so on + invite links + free community creation for them :)

Good idea! Can you contact @eddiespino on Discord (eddiespino#1698), Telegram, or Twitter? He can help you out with this. Thanks.

AIAI captain

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Excuse me, how do I do the frame? I just searched and I get several less the one from Hive blog :(

I'd get in on this if I had a facebwhatever it's called account.

But I don't

Mi prueba de POSH