Hive Power Journey - I finally reached 600+ hive power today

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Hi everyone,
It's me again with another blog for everyone. It is a thanksgiving to those who have always supported and to the games that gave me the reason to stay consistent on hive.

Today I reached and crossed 600 hive power in total. The hive power is not easy to earn at least I can say that after spending almost 8 months being active.

So if you are on hive blockchain don't give up, it is a beautiful place and you must stay consistent so that your hard work pays well.

This blog, I want to say thanks to India United community as that is where I have posted majority of my blogs.

I also want to thank people developing interesting games here, they are really entertaining and enjoyable.

The two games I play here are golem overlord and terracore, I write blogs on them and also on some real life issues based on my moods.

That is how I managed to stay consistent and enjoy while earning at the same time and you can see in the screenshot below, I have 600+ hive power.

I am glad I reached this and I remember setting a target of 500 few months back and then 1000 by the end of this year.

If everything goes well I will reach there by June itself, we will see if that will be possible or not but I will definitely try.

For those who are new I want to share some tips for them to start on hive blockchain, you can follow them to help yourself.


  • Find communities from your country and interest.

  • Don't get into stuff that is not for you.

  • Avoid plagiarism

  • Interact and make new friends.

That is what I can say about the tips for the new comers.

So that was all about the journey of my hive blockchain reaching more hive power in the ecosystem.

As you know games were important part here,

I want to improve my gameplay with each day I play this game so feel free to share your suggestions that I can follow to further improve my overall gameplay. looking forward to the suggestions from pro players in the game.

If you want to join this wonderful game build on hive blockchain then you can use my referral link shared below and join the game by paying few dollars in hive tokens.

Join Golem Overlord

I also play Terracore that you can join using the link shared below.

Join Terracore

I generally write on India United community so if you want to join India United Discord Server then you can do so by clicking on the image at the end.

Also to join India United on Hive blockchain by simply checking the communities list.

That's all for this blog, Thank you everyone for reading this blog and staying with me till the end.


Congrats on your hive power achievement.

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Yay! 🤗
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Congrats on your Hive power goals, brother.


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