A break for Family || Investing in AI coins || Collecting more hive

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Hi India United Community,
I was on a break, I was giving sometime to #family and that is important part of #life. I was not aware about what is happening in the #crypto-market but today I saw my portfolio in a good value.

I recently bought some #ai coins as that is what I have been reading about on the internet. I bought AIEPK and that is already more than 2x for me. I wish I had bought more of them but it was a very low #market-cap coin.

I also have place some orders for #hive on ionomy at $0.30 per 1 coin, I see there the price often comes down to lower levels compared to what the price is on other #exchanges.

I hope #ionomy is safe and there is no harm in using it. I was also reviewing the data for my #liquidity-pool on #tribaldex and the values are now coming down. I see I am finally in loss.

I had 12 #hive in total initially when I started but today that is less than 10 #hive so 2 hive less since I started last month. I have earned some #zing tokens since then and I will have to calculate to see if they have given me profit.

Suggest me more #pools like these where the rewards are #eye-catching. It's quite late in my country, it's 00:15 and as I have to wake up early tomorrow I will now leave you all here and head towards my bed.

Thanks for being part of this blog of mine.


You can look for FET, it is up for now but when you get a dip at it you can buy it.
I got that at 0.56 and it is already 2X.

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