„Where does it hurt?!“ The way he stood at the copier, crooked, dull, sad. "Man, Wolters!", I snapped at him, "be a little happy for once!"
It made me foxy how clumsily disinterested he walked around the office.

But what did the guy do? He got happy. He started laughing, flirted with half the department, soon he was promoted and nobody realised that he only had me to thank for that. At least he could have said something. Now he is the happiest person ever - and me? I have to wait until someone tells me to be happy.

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This is my entry for the dreemport "drabble contest" - you can find it here!

Thanks guys, I had some fun doing it :)


It made me foxy

I like this phrase. Never heard it before, but I think I understand the meaning. It means that the protagonist found it annoying how her co-worker behaved in such a careless way. Being foxy is much more elegant.

Ironic how it turned out Wolters became happy and the protagonist miserable. Sometimes those who give advice are the last ones to follow it. She should've given the advice to the mirror as well.

Very nice and complex tale in spite of its brevity.

HaHa! Thanks :D

Yes, you got it right, being "foxy" means being annoyed by someone. It's a German expression and I thought it'd be funny to use it as literal translation.
HeHe, I found it also a nice move to let Wolters became enlightened in an instant while our protagonist stays miserable. I hope, he/she does not really wait for someone telling "get happy!" LOL :D

The compact is a welcome change from what I usually write, and the stylistic device of exaggeration also finds its welcome place in it.
Thanks for visiting.

You have my mind spinning in circles with this one @erh.germany, this is brilliantly and creatively written. Nicely done!

The foxy lady appears as a protagonist but is actually an antagonist in disguise?

His demeanor is off-putting to her for some reason, and so she slyly enacts a cunning ploy, one which works.

Now she:
"and me? I have to wait until someone tells me to be happy."

It's a double edge sword whether or not her intention works, and does not address the reason she is projecting this intention.

My mind is blown.
As always I love your work my friend, thank you for this one :)

HaHa, you're welcome! Thank you very much, it's a pleasure to please :)

Actually, I chuckled to myself as I wrote it, I spontaneously thought up this little story a few years ago. I only had to change it very slightly for this competition.
Whenever one experiences oneself that someone else not only takes one's advice but perfects it, it's like a fool laughing in one's face and probably the most refreshing reaction would be to pick up on that humour.

In the back of my mind the thought lingered that one need not to wait for someones permission to be happy :D