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Community Guidelines for Scholar and Scribe

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Hello newcomers! Welcome to our tokenized creative writing community. Please refer to this guide before posting.

What is Scholar and Scribe?

Scholar and Scribe sets itself apart from other writing communities on Hive through a unique dual-token system. You can earn SCHOLAR and SCRIBE tokens on Hive Engine (Layer 2) either by creating content using the #scholarandscribe tag, or by curating content that uses the tag.

The tokenomics are set up so that SCHOLAR is biased 70% towards curation, and SCRIBE is biased 80% towards authors. There is a 1% community beneficiary requirement when posting within the community to assist project growth and curation efforts.

More details can be found in these posts:


What to post & how to use the tag

Posting “in the community” and using the #scholarandscribe tag are two separate, independent things.
When you make a post, it is possible to do both, one or the other, or neither.


Do both for creative writing content

We define creative writing as the following:

Any writing that goes outside the bounds of normal professional, journalistic, academic, or technical forms of literature, typically identified by an emphasis on narrative craft, character development, and the use of literary tropes or with various traditions of poetry and poetics.

We currently do not have many restrictions, although extreme depictions of violence and NSFW content will likely be muted.

Content that does not meet the definition of creative writing may be muted. We try to leave friendly and guiding comments for those who make mistakes!

Use only the tag for “meta” or nonfiction discussions

If you want to post about the community (e.g. to talk about tokenomics, provide writing tips), feel free to use the tag, but do not post in the community.

You’re also welcome to use the tag in other writing communities to earn our curation rewards!

Try not to post in the community without the tag

We have seen people submit really great creative writing content to the community, but forget to use the tag! This only hurts you, as it is the tag (not the community) that allows you to earn our tokens.

All posts must include an English translation

Please keep this in mind if you are posting content in a different language!


Contests & collections

The rules around the tags above may be waived for approved contests or other important community content (such as this guide!)

Scholar and Scribe is a big fan of Hive’s Layer 1 and 2, and believes that partnerships and working together is the path to a better world for writers and their readers. To that end, you’ll find lots of fun writing contests (with generous giveaways) here in S&S.

Many authors have enjoyed sharing serialized stories as well—longer stories with multiple parts. If you use the frontend, you can see some of these early collections here.


Connect with us on the Pizza Discord

Scholar and Scribe was founded within Hive’s passionate Pizza Guild—a highly active community of gamers and creatives. Pizza has been instrumental in our early growth and continues to support all our efforts, including carving out a special place for S&S in their Discord server.


This was really helpful, I want to participate in this community, it all sounds fun since I'm new around, I'm trying to explore places and make new friends and this seems like an opportunity to do so.

#Dreemport #Dreemerforlife

Interesting read. I'm curious to know why more people have not left a comment. I must go see how many now use the tag and or the front end.
!PIZZA !LUV and !hivebits

Heya! This post was a consolidation of the first posts that came out when the community was formed. So I suspect much of the chatter happened there :)

I must go see how many now use the tag and or the front end.

We've grown to almost 200 subscribers in a short time, so it's been promising! There's no current front for this community right now, but boy, do we discuss that possibility a lot!

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This is something I should be part of, I wonder what took me so long to find out this amazing community. Thank you for explaining in details.

I just finished my publication. I love writing and developing my imagination. But I also really enjoy reading and encouraging writers to let their imaginations run wild.
Thank you for accepting me into the community and allowing me to develop my passion for writing here.

This is exactly what the community is for! Readers and writers coming to one community to find each other and create/enjoy great content. I look forward to reading more of your work! !PIZZA

I will try this wonderful community and post my first now. As a fiction and creative content creator I wish to see how far I manage to go.


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Can I post sports content here in the community? This content would not be a sports analysis but rather my opinion about a team or a topic of that same team.

You are welcome to post Creative Writing content here, a short story about a team, a fan song, things like that. A commonly accepted definition of creative writing is posted in the community description. If your posts fit the description then they would be fine in the community.

An opinion piece about a teams performance or an analysis or similar would not normally be considered creative writing, but there are definitely ways to bring sports content to the community as long as you get creative with it!

Ok Thank you Sir.

Hello, I am reading the community rules and I did not understand very well the use of the "meta" tag or is it not a tag? is that I speak Spanish and to be able to read I must translate the content.

Not sure how I have missed this! I've been posting in the community but not using the tag 😭 I'll be sure to fix that next time!

Hello again!

I have a story / book I'm busy with that will develop chapter by chapter and possibly within a variety of communities on Hive.

But some of it is pretty gritty (NSFW) as it's about addiction and recovery. And the writing voice needed to depict it will be, at times, as well.

Is your community open to this type of literature, please?

I don't want to upset anyone. Of course.

I just joined the community and this guide was very helpful.

We need more exposure and a bit of marketing...
Any other ideas?

I'm a newbie,I would love to be a part of this. Can I post my book on financial intelligence here?
Is it considered as creative writing?

I'm a newbie,I would love to be a part of this. Can I post my book on financial intelligence here?
Is it considered as creative writing?

Hi @jessy-michelle, we would love to see some of your posts in the community! We are primarily focused on creative writing, meaning short stories, serial fiction, poetry, song lyrics, screenplays, etc etc.

If your book focuses on financial topics I am not sure it's a great fit but you might try the @leo-finance frontend and tag for finance topics.

Regardless welcome to Hive and I hope we see some short stories or poetry posts here in Scholar and Scribe!

!PIZZA enjoy a slice of $PIZZA as a welcome 😉 🍕

Am already excited being in this wonderful community

I just joined this wonderful community and I look forward to sharing my stories with you guys.