Energies Colliding (Original Poetry)

Energies Colliding - Original Poetry by Krisz Rokk.jpg

Screaming her lungs out
She fell into oblivion
And no history book
Would ever mention her name.
Her creativity changed the world
Enabling mankind to evolve
Igniting human consciousness
Inspiring those ready for a paradigm shift.
Some were ready to spread their wings and fly
Dismantling the dark shadows of fear
Facing the unknown with confidence
Envisioning a bright and vivid future.
Others struck by self-doubt
Remained confused throughout the journey
Only to realize that nobody was coming to save them
From their agony and apathy.
The gates opened, welcoming the newest guests
To join a unique adventure
Designed for the brave ones
Who want to make their dreams count.
Energies colliding on the battlefield
Emotional ripples blurring the mind
Pouring patterns and laving the skies
Capturing souls to regain power.
Opportunities beyond imagination
Calling for a quick reaction
Changing perspectives while
Transforming lives.
💎💎💎 Krisz Rokk 💎💎💎

Creative art by Daniela S.

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Fascinating :) ... Are you familiar with Robert J Sawyer?


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My wife accused me of being immature.
I told her to get out of my fort.

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I wasn't, so I went and looked him up. Canadian scifi novelist. It looks like we both love quantum physics ;) Thanks a lot for letting me know about RJ Sawyer!

You'll definitely enjoy his books :) ... Also may I suggest that you put your poems and such in Scholar And Scribe? You'll get more readers, and some extra tokens too :)

I published it in the 'Scholar and Scribe' community; see above ;)

Sorry, I missed that 😲


Why did the alcoholic go to the doctors office?
Because he thought there would be shots.

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That's beautiful. I've never written much poetry, and admire those that do.


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