The War on Sirius B - Part 3 (Fiction)

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The War on Sirius B 3 - Original Story by Krisz Rokk

Kyro walked across the military base contemplating on the conversation he had earlier this morning with a fellow Lyrian: “How beautiful it is to live an ambivalent life where duality is just a concept for a predominantly zero civilization struggling to evolve”.

Weaponizing the galaxy and supporting all parties involved in battle irrespective of their intentions is what made Lyra a filthy rich planet. Whereas other species were struggling with a scarcity mindset fighting over resources across the multiverse and using force to gain even more power, the Lyrians watched the entire show amused by the frivolous strategies that certain participants deployed.

After Sirius B was attacked and the royal family fled to another solar system, Kyro got in touch with Admiral Tony Marshall to explore a new partnership. What started out as a purely business-based relationship soon developed into a pretty strong bondage. Integrity wasn’t a typical character trait of a Lyrian, however in the case of Kyro this was about to be tested anew.

Marshall had a profound impact on Kyro. His personality, level of intelligence and mindset of steal were known across the universe. His father grew up on Sirius B and worked all his life serving the Phtlays royal family he spoke very highly of. When he was a little boy, Marshall’s parents divorced and Tony left with his mother to live on Galactic XT which was an interplanetary facility. This is where he developed his fighting skills and gained extensive knowledge about the multiverse.

Galactic XT was a strange place. Attending bootcamps, perfecting telepathic communication skills, learning the specs of highly sophisticated weaponry and complex war strategies along with providing high-quality information to the Grand Council were only a few of the activities Marshall was involved in when he lived there.

He worked his way up the military ladder and became an Admiral while never forgetting the precious life lessons he learned from his father while on Sirius B. As a child he grew up very close to Enik and Maya, the oldest prince and princess of the Phtalys royal family. His respect and loyalty towards his childhood best friends were a thorn in Admiral DeverX’s eye who took over the strategic military department on Galactic XT once Marshall deserted the facility.

Very few knew where Marshall was operating from, let alone where he currently lived. He stayed in touch with Kyro among other friends and called him every now and then to get reliable information about the kind of weaponry Lyrians were delivering across the galaxies.

“I heard Captain Vhal convinced the Grand Council to forge an alliance with the Sirians. According to my sources DeverX is fuming and he wants both of you dead. He decided to send part of the cavalry to Earth, to capture Maya and Toruk. I guess you’re ahead of the game as always and have already posted your ships to protect the royal siblings” said Kyro speaking swiftly.

“Thank you Kyro. Maya and Toruk are in good hands” replied Marshal while disconnecting from the intergalactic laser channel.

Protecting Earth has always been Marshall’s great ambition. Although the Grand Council never liked any kind of involvement with a zero type civilization, they couldn’t disregard the fact that Earth held the vastest pool of resources in the yellow spectrum of the Tendrum galaxy.

Enik and Zendo had returned to what was left of Sirius B and their sub-planets eager to rebuild the empire their father once created. Shielding Earth and protecting Maya and Toruk was left to Marshall.

“Prepare for extraction. Vhal will be there shortly. I’ll deactivate the shield so that her ship can pass through and get you out. It’s time for both of you to come home” said Marshall with a calm voice.

“Why did the Grand Council agree to the deal?”asked Maya promptly.

“Let’s just say that Admiral DeverX’ team is heading towards Earth and will likely fight you once you exit the Tendrum galaxy. I’ve already sent reinforcements” answered Marshall without going into details.

“Where have you been Tony?” inquired Toruk.

“At my favorite spot. Shielding Earth” replied Marshall and closed the holographic portal to avoid hacking into the royal family’s DNA.

To be continued ...

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Creative art: AI-generated images by Daniela S. via Midjourney

Quantum Stories and Poems by Krisz Rokk

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