Beyond Doubt: Whispers of the Unseen - Chapter 117

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Welcome to my seemingly endless journey.
A trip that will take you to places I might have visited many moons ago.
It´s a tale that came back to me when I meditated on one of my past lives. A life I told you about in my unbelievable true story.

As promised in that story I will now share this story with you.

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Chapter 117

Dear Reader, Enlightenment comes after darkness.

He who has not suffered has no power to grow.

Baby steps, everything in life consists of baby steps.

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“What was your reason for leaving your village, leaving everything that was known behind you?

Because I now understand that you initially started this journey alone. That the boy saved you after a few days and you had not taken him with you, despite his request. Apparently you have reversed that decision.”

It just has to happen; I can't lie to her; I love her too much for that. Keeping things quiet is almost as bad. I share my vision with her first, in gory detail. Details that force me to protect my village. I tell her that I am also looking for the answer to Numico's question. A question that, in retrospect, was just a way for the boy to send me on my way. After explaining everything, I show her the documents.

After reading them, she sits silently opposite me. Her eyes a combination of horror and disbelief. She admits that both the tone and the signing seem official. She never likes the council; she limits her position, but she never imagines that they would approve something so horrible out of simple profiteering.

The gentlemen at the table are so decent, so courteous. While outside their officers slaughter women and children in her name, among other things, they eat at her table with their hands dripping with blood.

She excuses herself and leaves hastily.

That evening her seat remains empty; Zion carries the responsibility for the table conversation on her young, narrow shoulders.

For the first time, I am not distracted by her mother, and my attention is focused on this young woman, who fulfills her task with flying colors. But at the same time, it doesn't escape my notice that her eyes occasionally rest on Numico. It´s clear that she also wonders how this boy manages to hold the attention of her normally absent father for so long.

There even seems to be a hint of admiration in those spare glances. Finally, I also see Numico fix his eyes on her, and for a moment, they are connected. Zion laughs shyly as Numico turns his head, without blinking, back to his interlocutor of the past few days. Did he feel her gaze, or was this a coincidence?

As far as I know, Numico has never hinted about women; he has been too busy with his quest. Or that one time he talked about a woman in white clouds or something like that. He only saw her eyes; that's what it was like. Yet he did not speak lustfully of this woman, nor did his gaze show that he saw Zion in such a way.

At the same time, it´s obvious that this young lady has already discovered her feminine needs. And what could be more interesting than a boy, no matter how young, who manages to keep your father, who never had time to rbe your father, mesmerized for so long?

Yes, in her mind he had to be the most special man on earth if her father allowed him to do this. Something she had always wanted, but had never possessed, was given to this young man without hesitation.

The absence of Krya did give me time this evening to indicate to Numico that I would like to speak to him in private after dinner, if possible.

“I will say that I am tired and go to my room. Do not follow me directly, it might give the gentleman the idea that I am avoiding his need to learn about the message,” he speaks softly in our language.

Numico excused himself while my talks with Cabilah, Kreytu, and Zion continued. Dadrie had also apologized. He had indicated that he felt the need to withdraw and meditate.

I noticed that when Dadrie walked away he seemed bigger than before. He also possessed a glow that I had not noticed around him before. This place gave him strength; his new life had allowed him to straighten out what was wrong in his soul. He seems to progress a lot, it made me feel happy to see the man so full of light.

Finally, I manage to leave the table without drawing too much attention to myself. I gently knock on Numico's door, he opens the door and closes it right behind me. He looked tired and old. Something that I couldn't blame him for before, but it was now true.

“Are you okay, boy?” I sit down next to him on the edge of the bed.

“It's going well; I still have his attention and now also partly his trust. He gradually has an idea of what the message is. I haven't told him yet about the horrors we know about. It must be certain that his confidence in me is greater than that in the council. Because if I portray him in a bad light, without him being convinced that I am right, I am afraid that he will present them with the things that I pass on to him. They will deny everything. A war of words will ensue, one in which they will do everything in their power to undermine or silence me."

"With our background and that of Dadrie, we are a vulnerable party. In addition, the council has many ways to exert influence. We may have direct access to the Sikh, but as you probably realize, he is the epitome of power, but not the executor."

"Every night I struggle through ways to keep him glued to my words without giving it all away. To buy as much time as possible and make his trust in me unbreakable. Speaking of nights, last night I found a young lady on my doorstep.”


My thoughts immediately went to Krya, but then I realized that Numico could never see her as young.

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