Goodbye Preschool

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Wow, it’s official. I will never teach preschool again.

Our youngest homeschooler is in Kindergarten this year and she’s enjoying every bit of it.

I literally had this thought when I woke up earlier this week. I’ve taught preschool five times and to think that I will never be teaching it again 😮. It’s a realization that I have no more babies but only big kids now.

At one point I didn’t ever want to see the time when all the kids were in grade school. I would tell time to slow down or take a week off so they wouldn’t grow up too fast.

As of now I am doing just fine with it. I am enjoying this stage of new independence and not having to be at their side every second throughout the day. My eldest kids step up to help take care of the younger and show me how much they are actually capable of (which is more than I ever realize).

It doesn’t take as much effort to go on outings because all of them can shower and get dressed on their own. Where I once was sad they didn’t need me as much for certain things I am now celebrating that I get to have more down time to rest. Things do run a lot smoother and less stressful when that baby/toddler stage has passed.

I am enjoying this hands off approach and allowing my kiddos to learn by experience which creates confidence.


It’s been really amazing watching my five year old advance so quickly. Having four older siblings has helped her learn quite a bit just by watching them. When you have an older sibling you’re always observing and trying to keep up.

When I was doing lessons with my now seven year old son, she would sit and listen and pick up on what I was teaching. It got to the point where she would ask

Mama, can I answer for him?

She was learning a grade before her time. This has caused some of her own work to be boring and too easy at times. She asks me to do more than one lesson a day as she is ready to keep moving and wants to be more challenged. At the rate she’s moving, she’ll end up graduating with her older brother 😄🤷🏽‍♀️.

I admit she makes my job pretty easy with how much she comprehends. Sometimes before I’m done reading the instructions she’s already starting the activity. She’ll then say

Oh Mama, I got it now. I don’t need any more help.


I do however have talks with her about the importance of listening. Even though she may already know what to do it’s still good to hear the instructions completely to be sure. There are times she failed to listen to me carefully and did something wrong because she was so sure of herself. I love encouraging self learning but following directions is also a good skill to have too.


We got her these pencil grippers which have been great writing aids. They are training her to hold the pencil correctly at all times.

She is our only left handed student and it’s been a bit challenging for me to teach her how to hold it properly. These do the job well as she is already holding her pencil much better without the gripper. It’s so funny because these little assistants look like tiny gas masks to me. Do you see it? 😁

Homeschooling has really been a blessing for our family. I am able to assess the needs of our children because I am with them daily and able to pay close attention. I’m so grateful for the helpful tools we have available to us to help them learn and excel as smoothly as possible.

It is with great joy and happiness that I can say…

Goodbye Preschool 👋🏽.



And you did a great job with your child at home. Holding the pencil rightly was a big challenge to my son back then...I think I wasn't aware of this pencil gripper as a writing aid otherwise I would have made use of it.

Your child is smart I can see...but holding on to get the instructions carefully is super great to avoid unnecessary error 😃. That was a good lesson you thought her...I am impressed by homeschooling activities

Good job momma 🥰

Thank you much. I knew this needed to be corrected immediately. I know habits form easily and I didn't want her to get used to holding it incorrectly. I came across this aid accidentally but I’m so glad I did 😊.

Exactly so. You can have all the smarts in the world but if you struggle with following instructions you can easily make many mistakes.

I appreciate you ~ 💖

That’s wonderful - just make sure not to have an “oops” and end up back there hahaha. It would be okay though, children are wonderful and we certainly need more of them not less. It’s good to hear that you’re having good success with your last one! It makes it a lot easier.

We are trying to home school and it’s a struggle for sure. We have a strong suspicion that our son has dyslexia but need to get more formal testing. He’s smart as a tack and picks up on things incredibly quickly - as long as it’s not reading and writing. He does good at math but mixing up the numbers is an issue sometimes.

We are just glad to have an idea of what to do now, it’s not confirmed but the opinion of someone who works with kids with it said they see the common challenges, it’s not severe which is good but it’s there.

Thank you! Hahaha oh no, we won't be having any "ooopsies". 😄

Yes, children are certainly wonderful. I just couldn’t imagine starting all over again at this point. I truly am enjoying the growing up stage.

That’s exactly what our ten year old struggles with. He has symptoms of dyslexia along with other learning challenges. We have him in this program called Expressways to Learning that has helped tremendously and we see great progress. He too is very smart and learns better visually and is really great at math. He had very low confidence in himself and wouldn’t read out loud. We can see his confidence growing and he is slowly reading out loud more. Their brains are so brilliant but just work differently than ours. There are things my son can understand or figure out that the average person can’t. But the more simple things that you think he would know are the ones he struggles with. I’m learning that he has a hard time explaining what’s wrong or what’s confusing him. I have to take the time to figure out what’s causing him to struggle, like it could be a word in the question he doesn’t know. How can he answer a question if there are words in it that he doesn’t understand? It’s things like this I’m learning about our son and it’s making me a better teacher for him. We have been working on learning adjectives so he can better express himself and describe how he’s feeling more clearly.

Another thing I learned is that their memory is very short term. I always wondered why he claimed he didn’t hear my instructions. Well, it’s because he only grasps the first parts of what I’m saying and the second half gets tuned out to where he won’t remember. We now have to make sure we tell him the most important things first and try to keep instructions short.

At one point I was so frustrated with him because I thought he was playing dumb to be lazy and get out of doing his work. I felt terrible when we found out he really had learning difficulties. 🙁

That’s the beauty of homeschooling because I was able to figure out something was really wrong by observing him. Now, we can take our time and go at his pace and give him the help and support he needs.

It’s good that you all are taking care of this now while he is young so that it will be easier for him to overcome those struggles. Our instructor talks about how she is helping adults that have these learning difficulties and they wish they would have found help years ago instead of waiting. So you’re definitely on the right track. I’d be happy to share more about our experiences if you’re interested. 😉

Take care and thanks so much for the visit and comment ~

What an awesome comment thank you! Going to take me a little bit to digest it but I read it! I think we share some of the same struggles!

Hahaha! Sorry about that. It is quite a bit to read but I do like sharing once I know someone else might be going through the same thing. Thanks for taking the time to read ~ 😉

You've done an amazing job with the young ones, it's always seems like the grow so fast, well that's life for you.

The importance of homeschooling an never be overemphasized has it can literally Equip the young ones with far more knowledge and also help them understand and revise what they've been taught.

Has she has now passes the stage of preschool, I wish her all the best going forward.

Thank you @vickoly, I truly appreciate it.

Yes, I am very thankful for this opportunity we have to homeschool our kids.

Al enseñarle preescolar s los chicos te das cuenta que es una excelente experiencia pues la sonrisa de un niño no tiene precio, hay muchas travesuras en ellos , pero con un poco de paciencia se logrará tenerlos tranquilos y en paz ☮️ y armonía..

The young shall grow which is a dream of every parents to their kids seeing them improve and do things on their own. Please ma how can i reach you on discord?

Yes, this is very true.

I’m also crosheille on discord 😉.

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y lo de sostener el ✏️ de tu hija es lo más tierno que he visto te felicito por eso.

Thank you ~ ☺️