Home Education Curation Collection. 10th October 2021

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Some wonderful ideas this week for lessons and learning approaches! If you're in need of some ideas then I highly recommend going through the features this newsletter.

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If there's one thing the @crosheille family members all have in common it's a love of art and as homeschoolers we know how important it is to tie learning with something our little students enjoy. So that's just what Crosheille has done with her approach to teaching her youngest ones the alphabet, with plans to take a similar approach with numbers further down the line.

It was lovely to see this review from @kidsisters on learning java script with Khan Academy. This is a free online resource that has grown considerably since my children first encountered it, expanding into all curriculum areas. Fantastic for homeschoolers and schoolers alike.

Moving back to creative and art based learning, I'm eager to share this post from @mildredwg on creating and using a mathematical pizza with her son. There isn't a single part of this process that doesn't look fun!

If you're looking for some science lesson ideas, then go no further than this project which @arrliinn and her @divinekids have been working on using energy from water and wind. You can also see it on video here. Things didn't go quite as planned, initially, so find out how some clever thinking turned things around.

Over in the Philippines, @romeskie has chosen to do homeschooling through a homeschool provider. After a small hiccup, her daughter has now officially started senior kinder and the foundation they have been laying for that last year or two has been a saviour while mum has been recovering from illness.

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Lots of fantastic contributions this week. I'm sorry I couldn't include them all.

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Thank you very much @homeedders

Thank you very much! ❤️

Fantastic weekly entries well done everyone, keep up the great work!

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you so much for the support and feature this week!