Home Education Curation Collection. 11th October 2020

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This week we showcase posts which with give ideas for learning opportunities, from finance to bugs and engaging young minds.



@sherylneil shares some of the ways she engages her son with learning phonics and keeps it entertaining.


While children are instinctual learners, if push them too hard on something they'll lose interest and you'll have lost the benefit of that learning instinct. @romeskie's youngest is, not too surprisingly, less focused than his siblings, so she finds clever ways to engage him throughout his day.


Have you ever considered silver stacking as a lesson in finance for your children? This week @sumatranate discussed how he encouraged his eldest daughter's love of pandas to educate her about correcting silver coins as an investment. I love how the article is dotted with tips for other parents interested in following a similar path with their own children.


Here’s a weekend crafting project from @ssiena, with a great idea for those Christmas gifts as we approach that time of year again.


Here's something a little different. Do you or your children have an interest in invertebrates or insects? If so, then you may enjoy @jaki01's guide to identifying insects and other arthropods.


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Very cool I will have to check out the others! I’m especially interested in the first one, our son isn’t much interested in the traditional learning of things. Trying to do letters is tough, does the alphabet nicely and counts (plus many other things kids his age would most likely not do like build things with wood lol) but learning to wrote and read have been a bit of a struggle. Getting better slowly but not easily hehe.

Educating our children can take us back to being more inventive and creative again. I know you'll find a way to engage him. Gently dies it. ;D


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Great job mamsh @arrliinn! Congrats to everyone featured for this week's showcase. 😊

Thanks mamsh! <3

Thank you so much @homeedders. It's such an honor to feature on your post. More power!

I'm grateful as always to those sharing with us.

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