Home Education Curation Collection. 23rd January 2023

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Thank you for for your engagement on the posts in the HomeEdders community. Here you'll find some helpful suggestions for teaching and educational methods at home.

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@yessi08 shared with us this week a cute idea to study the months of the year in a foreign language. I think their project is fun and enjoyable because it has such beautiful colors, which I think it helps a lot. Most kids are much likely to be attentive if the resources are interesting and fun.

There were multiple excellent contributions from @leomarylm this week and selecting just one to feature was a bit challenging. In the end, I thought to share it here Playing and Exploring lights and shadows. This is fun and engaging both for small kids or older ones.


If you and your kids are interested learning about Health, Organic & Natural Food Labeling, @ingridontheroad shares with us some ideas about it. She even provides us some nice and helpful worksheets. They're just a few clicks away!

Here's a nice activity to recognize and associate different types of lines and patterns coming from @ramisey. I think it's a great one for small children as they can work and develop their learning skills, early Math concepts and matching skills. Pattern recognition is important to develop logical thinking.

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I always enjoy the curation collection posts because it shows me which gems I've missed reading. Thanks for sharing and mentioning my post too. Appreciated as always.

Thanks for the support and the mention!

I think the idea is to attract the children's attention and motivate them to learn, especially if the child is quite hyperactive, which is the case with mine, so I try to find a way to get them to concentrate!


Oh thank you!
I appreciate efforts to bring local home grown education to more and more people.


As always thank you for the support received. Everyone does a beautiful job in the community. Greetings and blessings

Greetings, thank you for the mention, every week we learn fun homeschooling strategies.

Happy and blessed start of the week!

I am touched with this recognition. Thank you so much. 😍 God bless. ☺️

Thank you for your engagement on other's posts. That is something we encourage.

You're welcome. ☺️

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