Home Education Curation Collection. 25th April 2021

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As the community grows and gets busier, I want to share what we look for in posts for curation. Like many communities, we love to see personal experience, rather than generic advice and information we can dig up in numerous articles across the internet. I see newcomers trying to write these kinds of informative articles and they're well enough written, but not necessarily as helpful as those posts with the personal experiences we can relate to. The great thing about communities is that we build connections that you don't get from articles on the broader internet. Some of our experiences might go against the usual advice you get, because our children are all different. With a community we can share that and discuss our different options. For me, this is what homeschooling has been all about; the freedom to educate how best suits us.

First our usual thank you everyone who makes this community what it is. This week Hive for interaction on posts in the HomeEdders community goes to:

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I love how @ashtv incorporates his work in with his son's learning. His young man is becoming quite the tv presenter and learning so much in real world applications.

Educational supplies don't have to be expensive if you create them yourself. Plus, as @taliakerch demonstrates, creating them teaches too.

@vickyguevara has been trying to help her daughter with writing, but recognised her struggles with holding her pen correctly. So she's been getting her doing some fun exercises to improve fine motor skills. What other methods have our readers used that will help with developing pen control?

It's lovely too see a new arrival on the homeschooling scene. Welcome to @thisismylife, I thoroughly enjoyed your introduction to the community.

@hexagono6 discusses a topic which affects us at every age in societal influence. It's a fabulous discussion topic that can be incorporated into each stage of homeschooling and revisited throughout our lives.


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Loving seeing the growth in the community and how everyone supports one another.

@tipu curate

My words exactly. 😍

Some great posts here! Glad to see ThisIsMyLife joining the community! I stumbled on her somehow months ago and she’s an awesome hiver!

Some awesome posts this week that I’ve checked out, will stop by these other ones I haven’t made it to, the TV one looks great!

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So much always going on in this community, I just wish I had more time to explore because there is so much awesome content within. At least I have these curation posts to see the highlights when I don't have time to explore myself.

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Wonderful! ❤️

Lovely posts this week🙂

Thank you very much @homeedders

Aww you are too kind!

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Thank you very much for the support of the community, we continue to grow and learn as a family.

Hello @homeedders! You're a wonderful community. Thank you very much for including me. I believe you grow big and successful.

Thank you very much for the valuable support to the Home Edders team, I really enjoy being part of this community.