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A new game for my unschooling son who studies Mathematics and its main basis now.

We've a lot of training copy-books for studying numbers, but games always work better.

Numbers compound is one of the main topics, and if a kid knows it well, he will count very fast. That's why I give much attention to this basis, and we don't go further until I don't see he knows it perfectly well.

We've already tried many funny games for Maths, and now I propose you a new nice variant - Maths ANTS😍 or centipedes - any insect you like;)

We draw ants with some legs for number pairs.
Each ant has its name - a definite number, and a kid should put numbers in right pairs on its legs.

It looks like this:

then my boy was doing his task....

and this game inspired him very much, he was interested in result and setting right number pairs. It was something new and unusual, and numbers were not boring any more;)

Here is his result;)

Share your Maths games, guys!😍


This looks fun. I was a bit puzzled as to how it would work when I saw the thumbnail image, but I really like the concept now I see it. I love the little ants too.

thank you!🌟

Greetings @taliakerch,a very creative and entertaining game for kids starting to count.


thank you💚creativity is the best friend of unschooling Moms;))

One of the best parts of teaching for me is the games. Kids seem to always learn faster when they're in an exciting atmosphere.

And this game you did is perfect for little ones who are just starting to count. The drawing of the ant is enough to get their attention. I like!

Well-done Ma!