Wild Schooling - When We Let Our Children Create Their Learning Space

Yesterday, I attended a work day at the creative space, that one of my daughters goes to three days a week. It is in the most beautiful location. Hidden amongst the Mountains, one of which is called Dragon Mountain. I love to visit there, but I don´t often get the chance as I don´t have a car.


One of the coolest Libraries that I know. Designed and built by the kids, with some help from some very special adults.

But every now and again they have work days, where the parents and carers are invited to come and help with some of the projects that the children have been working on. All the kids that want to build, have had training on how to use hand tools and power tools safely.


This is a place, where they can really let their imaginations run wild. There are tree houses and amazing platforms , all built by the kids. This is their space after all. Every time I go there, I find a new structure


Or structures that are still being built. Where I then, get to try and guess what they will be. Like this one up above. It was was great to see it getting some good hay insulation, it is the beginning of winter after all. It warms my heart to think that they thought of that.


I helped to close off one side of the art space, which you can see above. This one has been built mainly by the adult, with an earthen floor within. The days are getting colder now, so it is important that they have warm spaces to be in.


The views always take my breathe away here. I love that two of my daughters get to/have enjoyed this space. Where they have so much freedom, to roam, explore, built, learn, teach. Being out in the elements, in tune with their environment.


This above, is their fire pit and also where they get to blow stuff up, during science experiments . In my eyes, this has to be one of the finest stimulating environments, for any child to create and learn in. The kids decide how they spend their day and also what workshops they want available to them.


They have made a set of rules for everyone and they meet weekly to discuss how everyone is doing and what could improve the space or perhaps, what is even hindering it. They are pretty well organised, all on their own terms.

Yesterday, I also treated the wood on the inside of the library, (the wonderful building in the first photo) as well as helping to dismantle some shelves. I spend the whole day from 10 till 6 and there was hardly any wind. Just the night before, it was super windy and I was worried, that it would continue into that day. But alas not, it was wonderfully calm and sunny and I really enjoyed my day, returning home content and exhausted.

Isn´t it amazing, what happens when we let our children create!


Wow this is amazing, I love when kids a creative with their imagination at a young age, it helps build mental stability and control, and also increase their level of productivity when they become tanagers.

The view is breath taken, especially the landscape design created by the sunshine, I don't mind having a visit😁.

Tell the kids, I admire their designs and sense of creativity. Nice work.

Thank you @emrysjobber, I will tell then indeed xxx

I knew I'd love this from the title. Was not wrong. This is beyond amazing, it's the existence of such places that gives one hope for the future, I feel. Children are so much more capable than modern society gives them credit for, but it's only by testing those capabilities that you can raise resilient, strong adults for the future.

I think I'd like my children, when they do come, to grow up in just such a place. I take it Spain's views on homeschooling/unschooling are more lax than in other places?

It is an amazing space. Homeschooling is a bit of a grey area here, there is no law per se against it, but you can be brought to court for abandonment which they can apply to education. It´s complicated really, that´s why I like to live under the radar xxx

Ah, so it's similar to Romania then. Homeschooling is kind of a gray area there, too (thank God). A friend of my mom was taken to court by her own mother-in-law over it, but other than that, I know quite a few people who do it without any trouble from the law (the friend was fine, too, in the end). I'm glad there are spaces like this, though. I remember seeing one a few years ago, also on the blockchain (and maybe in Spain, though wouldn't bet on it). It's uplifting. I hope to be able to raise my kids in a place like that someday. As I grow older, I become more aware of that imperative -- wherever I do decide to settle, it's got to be a place where you can at least fly under the radar.

It brings me so much joy to see kids doing their own thing.
This initiative is a very good one.

Kids need their own space to be able to interact with each other and also learn new stuff.

The environment looks welcoming and I must say , these kids are very smart to be able to come up with this with the help of their parents and other adults.

God bless everyone for all the good works they do to make this world a better place.

It is very welcoming and wild, which I love. thanks @nhaji01 xxx


I've always thought that it's very important to make kids enjoy lots of their time in nature no matter what the activity is but to get closer to a simple and healthier life. That's why I really love this place and I hope I'll find something similar in my country too! :)

Yes it is very important for all of us to spend time in nature, it really has everything we need and keeps us grounded. Thank you @gabrielatravels xxx


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Adoring this post. Absolutely adoring it.

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There is still much unknown among children and such program planning is very important to help them gain more knowledge

This is simply amazing. It's beautiful to know the children are learning to build these things, it helps them think for themselves, and allow their imaginations to run wild. I am glad your children are a part of this.

Thanks so much @iskafan xxx

Congratulations your publication has been chosen among the best of the day.



Thanks for the support xxx

Sounds like a good day and a great place :<)

Hey Vincent, I have to contact you still on discord, sorry been crazy here for many reasons, but I have not forgot about your book, well maybe I did sorry. Hope you are well, sending love xxxxx

No worries, take your time.

I get it and like to think that I am the patient type ;^)


But what a special place for children to get involved in it and learn. Handsome! What a beautiful place surrounded by nature.


Thank you @leomarylm xx

This is amazing! Kids building a room for them to use is great with some help from adults. The place is really open for learning as the kids is allowed to do anything as long as it wont hurt them.

Yes indeed @jenthoughts it is an amzing space, thanks for dropping by xxx