Hive Daily Mix - Trending - 2024-04-18

The first AI powered recap of the best trending posts on PeakD and Hive, brought to you by the @peakd team :)

April 18

🚗World Rally Championship Croatia // April 18 - April 21 - by @lordbutterfly
The post discusses the upcoming World Rally Championship in Croatia, highlighting the upgrade of the Hive rally car to a Rally 3 Ford Fiesta and the benefits it brings. It also mentions the increase in TV coverage and live attendance from the previous year, promising videos, driver commentary, and photographs. The post encourages followers to stay updated through the author's Twitter account and Hiveblocks.

Vibes w8 - If I Can Dream - by @david-doran
The post shares a video performance of the song 'If I Can Dream' inspired by Martin Luther King Jr's speech. The message of the song is still relevant today. The post also includes links to follow the author on various platforms and expresses gratitude to the Vibes Community and Hive Blockchain.

Strudel de frutas | Una viaje corto por Austria [ES][EN] - by @josecarrerag
Original language: Spanish, English
A post detailing the preparation of apple strudel and a fruit version, reflecting on family memories and the joy of cooking in a class setting.

Different Styles From Different Artists - by @erikah
The post showcases different artworks from various artists, discussing the importance of mixing styles and recurring elements in solo exhibitions.

Call to Action! Contribute to the Development of the SPK Network's Breakaway Communities - by @spknetwork
Call to action for developers to contribute to the SPK Network's Breakaway Communities on the Hive Blockchain

把春天留住 & 装到胃里 - by @oflyhigh
Original language: Chinese
The post discusses capturing the essence of spring through photography and gardening tools, with a touch of humor and personal anecdotes.

[Sub- Eng] Celebrando mis 2 años en HIVE, con mis HBD en Familia [Esp/Eng] - by @leidimarc
Original language: Spanish, English
Celebrating 2 years on Hive with family and HBD payments for a dinner outing, sharing the experience and gratitude towards the Hive community.

Induction Ceremony and Studio Bidding - by @mxrvieee
A post describing an induction ceremony and studio bidding for graduation pictorial services, showcasing the offerings of three different studios

The Dallas Alboretum and Botanical Garden. - by @marnaza
Original language: English, Spanish
A blog post about visiting the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, highlighting the beauty of the place and the connection with nature.

Portugal is Beautiful- Torre do Relógio e Porta Medieval + Chafariz de Caminha - by @onyfest
Original language: ENG, PT
Exploring the beauty of Caminha, Portugal, focusing on Torre do Relógio e Porta Medieval + Chafariz de Caminha

Tuesday's Brunch at JnJ - by @ifarmgirl
A recount of a family's Tuesday brunch experience at JnJ, highlighting their errands and food disappointments.

The path of Success : Wish less and Act more - by @burlarj
The post emphasizes the importance of acting on wishes, avoiding financial mistakes, and diversifying sources of income to achieve success.

Dumb Money - GameStop and WallStreetBets Saga | Netflix - by @geekgirl
The post discusses the GameStop and WallStreetBets saga, focusing on the role of Keith Gill and the impact of decentralized entities in the stock market.

Kraken releases self-custody open source wallet with no data collection - by @themarkymark
Kraken released a self-custody open-source wallet with no data collection, offering security and convenience for crypto storage.

Gloria Alvarez en Jalisco Talent Land 2024 - Talent Woman - by @josepimpo
Original language: Spanish, English
Gloria Alvarez's participation at Jalisco Talent Land 2024, highlighting her activism and debates against politicians.

A Swing And A Miss - by @coloneljethro
The post describes a photo adventure in a park that did not yield many interesting shots, with a focus on the importance of luck and a shooting buddy.

Eclipse and life update - by @intrepidphotos
The author provides an update on their life, including sailing adventures and attending events in New York, with a focus on witnessing a total solar eclipse.

🌱🤓De lo que aprendí hoy - New blog section - by @samgiset
Original language: Spanish, English
The post introduces a new blog section called 'De lo que aprendí hoy' where the author shares their personal learning journey and reflections.

Wood-fired food! [Esp/Eng] - by @jesymora
Original language: Español, English
A detailed description of a pleasant gastronomic experience at a wood-fired food restaurant, including menu details and ambiance.