Please welcome the Gradnium tribe from Oklahoma State University!

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Well, please welcome Oklahoma State University to HIVE as they are now operating a tribe on Hive-Engine!!!


I'd like to congratulate Dr. Trost (@trostparadox) on the creation of his tribe for his course. He's calling it Gradnium and we'll have Grad available on the Dex soon.

I'd like to celebrate another University project checking out HIVE and specifically Hive-Engine. I think it's a great starting point and hopefully we'll see additional Universities joining the blockchain universe and Hive ecosystem.

Tribe Creation

I walked Dr. Trost through the creation process personally and know there's still some things that we have to improve to make Tribe creation an easier experience. There's no way around the fact that Tribes can be tricky and technical and right now it's doable, but not a great experience.

I'm potentially working with @ memehub to create a new tribe creation website specifically geared towards helping people create tribes.

Freeing up Reaz

Reaz has been working on openhive for Tribaldex, and just slotted in Diesel Pools for Hive-Engine, and I think the next project that we're going to do is really focus on a remake of Tribe websites.

We have more tools in our toolbelt now and are outgrowing condenser. I'd to see NFT creation, issuance, and markets created and have that be part of tribes. I'd like each tribe to be able to offer a full suite of services and have it baked into each tribe individually and packaged together at Each should be able to showcase their Diesel Pools too. Maybe even operate their own mini dex within the tribe. We'll be figuring out the wrapped ETH tokens too for uniswap.

So, we have some work to do, but I want to get a new tribe site created, more features, easier onboarding, and I want to make Hive and Hive-Engine the king of community coins.

Raise your glass to OSU and give them a warm welcome!


Thanks @aggroed for your assistance and generosity in this effort!

I honestly cannot believe how easy that was (with you holding my hand every step of the way, of course). You have made the process of creating a new token like GRAD extremely easy and straightforward.

You are paving the way for some amazing future Hive growth!

Awesome to have you here with your new tribe!

Saddle Up Cowboy, I think you are way ahead of the game in a new way of learning.

Brilliant news; and exactly the type of use case the ecosystem was built for.

Great news. Welcome, @trostparadox. Would you mind giving us a little synopsis on the aspects of the course you're teaching? I'm interested in understanding the direction of the next generation in blockchain technology.

Straight to the Big12 I see. Nice.

This is a great addition! Glad to see it happening.


That's awesome! It's a huge step to have a university interested in the blockchain here and indeed a great usecase for it as well as for Hive Engine. Welcome!

Welcome Gradnium! I hope you have a ton of fun here. 😊

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Welcome OSU.
I can't wait to see what they have to offer. :)

Slick as hell!

Welcome aboard, new tribe! You came to the HIVE ecosystem at a turning point that you will remember. One of you will become a millionaire for sure! 👏 😎

I want to create my own community, with its token, its own page integrated to the hive blockchain and all that, but I don't know how :( @aggroed

Do you want to do a tribe? I could probably help you out.

@trostparadox welcome and congratulations on tribe creation. Please ping me when you're going to describe tribe's or token usage and etc.


Welcome to Hive OSU!

NFT creation as part of tribes would be an amazing feature. Anyone know any good tribes around ?? ❤

Hey there from Kansas City! Cryptomusician dropping by to say hi!

This is really cool, looking forward to see how it turns out.

Welcome to HE


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WELCOME 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊.


Great News!

Welcome Dr Trost!

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