SMANA SNAPSHOT 📸 // 01.08 - 08.08

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Current $SMANA Supply (Circulating / Total / Max)
1000000 // 10000000 (represents 10% Possible Saturation)

Tokens on market: 595,796
Tokens liquid: 236,543
Tokens staked: 167,662
Tokens left to mint: 9,000,000
Token hodlers: 112 Souls

7 Day Trading Volume (in Hive):
(1.8.2022 - 8.8.2022)

25.07 + 158.73 + 20.69 + 9.25 + 9.25 + 6.75 + 1.5 + 1.5
= 232.74 Hive or 139.67$ !

**Savings Volume: **
@nyxlabs = 70000

Current Buyback Volume & Goal
@theiamultitude = 56000 // 60000

Last Price0.015 SWAP.HIVE / $0.009592 (1 day ago)
Lowest Ask0.015 SWAP.HIVE
Highest Bid0.011 SWAP.HIVE
Volume Change over 24h10.500 SWAP.HIVE / $6.714497 / 0.01 % +


Reward Overview & Eligble Staked Souls:
Staked Souls: 19 - 3*

Top 50%
(+ 1.5%)

SoulStake VolumeGains

Bottom 50%
(+ 3 %)

SoulStake VolumeGains

(values rounded to nearest whole integer)
(@nyxlabs & @theiamultitude & @zeroooc are exempt from staking rewards)
thanks to @therealkimona for the artwork!

Rewards for the first week went out 08.08.2022 !

Rewards for the second week will go out 15.08.2022 !

SMANA Factsheet:

Staking enabled: 1.8.2022 - (last update: 1.8.2022)
precision: 0
maxSupply: 10000000
supply: 1000000
circulatingSupply: 1000000
stakingEnabled: True
unstakingCooldown: 3
delegationEnabled: False
undelegationCooldown: 0
numberTransactions: 2
totalStaked: 205636

We keep an additional record and more detailed stats in our
Discord Channel here:

We also have a prototype DAO and Voting System enabled to create community concensus on issues pertaining to SMANA and beyond!
Get involved today and help shape the direction of the river together.


Sources & Tools:
@HiQSmartBot (thanks to @quekery for the advice!)

We've been tinkering away a lot recently so we're happy to start sharing more and more of the progress as the river twists and turns in ever new motions,

If you've made it this far, thank you guys for being awesome and always looking out for us! Let us know what you think of the journey thus far! :)

We'll also remind you that on August 15th: SMANA Giveaway
10,000 SMANA will be airdropped evenly to all holders
(at least 100 SMANA minimum holdings)

seize the night,

Nyx Labs


explore further:


SMANA to the river!!!

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