Call to arms for all Projects, Communities, Developers and Hivians!

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Hive Onboarding event

Good morning Hivians! Today I come to you with an idea, I'm hoping to get the backing of some, if not all projects here on Hive. Probably be a relatively long read, so will do a TL;DR at the bottom! I thank you in advance for giving this a read and look forward to hearing your opinions.

This is something that has been discussed between a few project owners/devs in recent days. Following the success of some projects utilising Zealy ( - Leo Finance, Woo and Slothbuzz to name a few. It was suggested that we make a Zealy for Hive as a whole. To onboard new users from web2 and get them Hiving!

What is Zealy?

Zealy is a 'gamified' task platform, formerly called crew3. This allows us to set tasks to users, things as simple as following on Twitter, or signing up for a Hiver account. You earn points for a leaderboard. That's the simplest form.

Call to arms

We all know the potential of Hive, whether we're project owners, Devs, or just users. We'd all like to continue to grow Hive and make it the biggest and best place on web3 for people, however, we still seem to be lacking the overall marketing that's required to create a real buzz.

It was suggested that we combine forces, bring the best of Hive to one place and make the onboarding process as easy as possible. So I come to you, with the idea. Why not make a Zealy for Hive? Not for a project, not for a game, but for Hive as a whole.

Utilise the power of Hive and the users to spread the word and onboard new users.

The basics

We've all been doing our own marketing/onboarding within our projects, we all have a reach to certain people/niches, but there's not much universal push! We can keep things as simple as possible, with a few projects coming together and utilising Zealy. (This is something I plan to do regardless of how this proposal goes). Or we can look bigger, with the majority of projects coming together and sponsoring events, creating a real buzz around the onboarding process.

Hive funding Proposal possibilities?

We could even look at gaining funding from Hive itself, with a DHF proposal.

I know we have some marketing budget there, so why not utilise it? I know there are going to be challenges, but with the right mindset and a good push from all communities, we could make a real impact and onboard more users.

Utilise Zealy/existing platforms or Make a Hive version?

We could even make a web3 'Zealy' on Hive, or just make a community, add a token, and get people earning for doing tasks! Either as an official 'platform' or simply by utilising the existing set-up of Hive with a community page/outpost and a new token.


Will this be an 'easy' process? Yes, and no! There's going to be a fair amount of work in running such events. Probably a lot of disagreement about the 'best' course of action. Or even just squabbles between communities/projects.

Hence the funding aspect could be beneficial, allowing some users to get paid for helping run it. I know most of us project owners are busy trying to run our own communities and develop our own products.

I'm willing to spend time pushing Hive as a whole, it brings more benefit to all of us in the long run. Ideally, we can come up with a small team to help manage tasks/reviews and ensure our messages are being spread far and wide.

Hive has what we need

We have the possibility to utilise already existing communities to further push Hive. We can use the Hive learners / OCD / Newbie initiatives to make the learning process of Hive as easy and smooth as possible for new users.

We can utilise short-form content through Dbuzz and Leo Threads, and long-form content through any number of different communities/platforms.

We can incentives people to spread the message to web2 (Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, Instagram) in a similar fashion to Posh and Gosh, rewarding users for participation via the Zealy leaderboard.

We can help push community events/weekly challenges to create a bigger buzz on Hive as a whole!

More discussion is required!

Now, that's the basics...of course, there's a lot more that needs to be discussed! I can imagine a few people might read this and be excited, a lot more will be sceptical.

'It'll never work', 'We've tried before, 'He's just out for himself'.

Let me know your issues, thoughts/opinions. Heck steal the idea and run with it yourself. Of course, I want to push my project, but, it would be far more beneficial for me (US) to push Hive as a whole.

I'm only one sloth, I can't do it alone. I don't have unlimited time to work for free on such a campaign, nor does anyone else. Hence efforts like this often fail to get off the ground. But for the benefit of Hive as a whole, I believe we could have the chance to really start making some waves. I'm just a small sloth on Hive, I don't have much power or sway. I'm relying on other people to get on board and back such an effort.

Discord to discuss/plan

I've created a discord 'Hive onboarders' You can join here: (Aimed more at community leads/owners/devs/whales looking to benefit Hive as a whole! This channel has no affiliation to any one project, nor will it. Trying to gauge interest)

In conclusion

I'm going to put this idea out there, and hope some Devs/communities join, then we can decide if this is something worth pursuing. Failing that I'll continue to run my own Zealy campaigns. I've had some interest from a few communities so will be holding a small collaborative event regardless. I'd really like to see this idea being pushed further, with more of Hive coming together for the long-term benefit of Hive as a whole.

Please let me know your thoughts!


  • Onboarding event for Hive
  • Sponsored by any and all communities/devs/Hive DHF
  • Campaign through Zealy (Quests like - Sign up for Hive!/follow on Twitter/Discord/make a post/video/image etc) And any other relevant platforms.
  • Put forward a DHF proposal to maximise the effect
  • Combination of any/all Hive projects/devs/communities
  • Aimed purely at onboarding users to Hive and helping them learn how to Hive.
    -No affiliation to any one project, open to utilising all the tools Hive has to offer!
  • Discord link for further discussion:

Please share this with any community/discord/person that may be interested, drop their tag in the comments or share the post with them. Let's see if we can push Hive in general and make it better for everyone!

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Thanks, buzzers! hopefully, you can get involved with this campaign! Would be awesome to make it a reality!

Zealy (Crew3 as it was) is great and is a standard tool to grow Blockchains, to be honest I was gobsmacked Hive were/are not using it.

I have no idea what marketing Hive does do ...

This would be a great idea, as you know I believe Hive projects should be working together.

Let me know if you need a hand.

Hive is decentralised, so there's no one person 'really pushing' Hive in general, lots of little parties doing their own thing but no centralised entity to market Hive. Would be nice to form some form of collaborative to move Hive forward.

If you can share this post/the discord with any communities/whales that might be interested that would be awesome. The idea is for the benefit of Hive as a whole, I'm not looking for anything from it, happy to do it under an annon account linked only to onboarding new users and pushing Hive.

If Hive grows, we all grow. Feels like an obvious thing, but will take a lot of work and effort from people.

Have you talked to @crimsonclad ? She's heavily involved in this, but doesn't really have much time to post on Hive about it. Maybe DM her? Also have you mentioned what you want to do to Acidyo?

I've not had the chance to connect with either of those, I see Acidyo doing a lot for onboarding and marketing, this is my first attempt to reach out and create these connections. I know many projects/communities have their own approach to the marketing of Hive. This process was raised in PIMP channel the other week, I believe Bookerman of WOO was going to reach out to Acidyo regarding it, however, haven't heard any more.

This is my attempt to put the feelers out and try to find this information. Thanks for the comment, hoping to connect with anyone and everyone who's willing to participate or lend any advice. I've created the discord which is a neutral ground to hopefully allow these connections to occur.

It's still worth tagging and messaging them, as they tend to get a lot of messages. Sometimes it takes some persistence to actually connect. But don't worry, they don't bite :)


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I am always on edge tagging people, don't want to annoy anyone by 'spam tagging' them in posts! Maybe that's just a Hive newbie fear!

Hopefully, @acidyo and/or @crimsonclad see this post (or this tag) and join the discord, failing that I'll track them down on Discord in the coming week and see if we can work something out.

Thanks again for the advice.

Maybe that's just a Hive newbie fear!

Definitely not. It can get you in trouble. But tagging for the benefit of the platform is a different story. What you are doing isn't spamming.

For example if you were doing it in hopes of being curated,/ noticed that would be a problem... but doing it for legitimate feedback on how to help Hive is ok, as long as the people are likely to be interested. Which the two I suggested are :)

I am sure there is a DHF already that people do Hive marketing goto conventions etc, as @wrestlingdesires says @crimsonclad is involved am I am sure @arcange and @guiltyparties do things too.

However a campaign for the masses like other successful adoption campaigns that have boosted blockchain use byCrew3/zealy I have never seen.

Yeah I was aware of a marketing fund, to help promote hive, the rally car etc we’re part of that, I’ll need to dig more into that side and see what I can come up with.

I’ve a few other things to tidy up over the coming days then I’ll try reach out to those mentioned above, see what we can come up with. Thanks for all the advice guys, really appreciate it.

As a newer sloth to the hive ecosystem I’m sure I’m missing a few points so always open to learning more. Thanks again.

I like the idea and it would be hard to do it as a "community effort"... But, if someone pulls, others will support it... That's the least that community leaders can do...

I'm not the "onboarding guy", but I like to work on user retention, which is the next important thing along with onboarding... Having a well "designed" campaign, it is possible to kill two flies with one hit! Promoting engagement, different tribes, communities, and apps...

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project which will be highlighted in the next post!

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Well, this is me trying to start the idea, just looking for the community leader's backing to make it a success. Onboarding is the easy part (if done right), retaining users is the hard bit! Would love any and all help and advice, in the end, it makes Hive a better place for all! We can utilise the awesome communities and events each one has when we have the initial stage of onboarding set up. Will of course require a lot of resources to ensure the signing up/first few days for 'new' users is as smooth and effective as possible.

The main goal right now is spreading the word so community leaders have the chance to see it and think about it, a reblog here and there, or even creating your own version of the post and a share in Discord could go a long way! Thanks for getting involved. I look forward to seeing how this can develop.


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