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Currently high price is around $0.95. not too bad. Considering you can swap for pennies between hive and HBD, it's not too bad.

Not a bad time if you're an investor. If you wanted to invest in Hive. And and always a nice time to keep blogging and posting what you're posting

Let's just look at the chart for a second though. It's got a nice base there above 20 cents between $0.20 and $0.50 where price will consolidate. Lot of price history and support there. We know that the all-time highs are up there above $3. And price can very easily return to that. When Hive was steam price got as high as $15. I have a high post from my other account @jacobts for I think Hive can go to $1,000. Now. That was when they were talking about building SMTs, smart media tokens. Basically you were going to be able to create your own tokens on the actual hive blockchain. Then you could do smart contracts as well. This was before D5. And imagine if you could build defi on the actual hive blockchain. That would be helpful to price as well. So if things like that came around absolutely hive could skyrocket to above $100 in my opinion.

Hive is going to stay steady though under $10. As long as these other investment opportunities continue to be built on ENG, bsc, ETH, Thor, or whatever. It doesn't matter. The point is that if the defi or other tokens are built on a different blockchain, then you're always swapping out your hive for that other token. You're always creating selling pressure. Someone else is consolidating and centralizing the supply of high. That's where you get those big pump and dumps. So they'll pump it up really high. They'll get their profit and move on. And then the exchange is left with a bunch of hive.

I'm not saying anything negative against the defy projects that are advertised on Hive. Just pointing out the reality that they are built on a different blockchain. And if they were built on the actual hive blockchain, that would help to be a liquidity lock on the supply of Hive. And help the price go higher. It's one of the reasons why Ethereum and Binance smart chain do so well and rise. So steadily is because all those projects are built on the chain and the supply is consolidated. It's a lot like QE people don't understand that QE is actually a liquidity lock of US dollars in the banks. That's why they get confused when they see that the US dollar is going higher. Also because of the rate hikes.

Now speaking of rate hikes, it's really cool that HBD gives you 12% if you put it in a savings account. So there's already an opportunity there that is a liquidity lock. And that's a real positive for supply and the price. Hive is just really an incredible blockchain that I don't see anybody else doing anything like it. There's talk of all these other social blockchains. Some BSV guys were in a spaces chat talking about some sort of social thing on BSV. But I can't find it. There's notr which is on the actual Bitcoin protocol. But that thing is borderline useless. Hive is for real.

This post isn't necessarily about all the opportunities within the hive ecosystem. But it is worth mentioning why there is such a potential for the high price to be so much higher. The problem is that when people make high they cash out. The greater problem is that there's a lot of cashing out for other projects that are built on other blockchains such as ENG. ENG is the main one. You can actually buy and sell and trade ENJ on some legacy exchanges such as tastyworks. But as a lot of people know, we can't really do anything on Beatrix anymore. Nobody can.

I included a couple snapshots of Beatrix and it's been like this for months and Hive is not the only one. They're just not doing anything to help people deposit and withdraw their their assets anymore. It's it's a shame.



But I guess Huawei and Binance are two of the main ones that people can deposit and withdraw their hive on. Or simply trade high. You can also trade on the internal exchange and swap HBD for Hive and back and forth like that. I wish they had a better charting system but it is what it is and it does work! There's also the decks. But again those are built on a different blockchains ENG. For example, Hive engine is on ENJ.

Sorry I just realized I've been saying ENG instead of ENJ in this whole post.

Hive Price Markers

$0.95 cents . We are here


So there's not really a whole lot more you can say about the chart except that it's going to be nice and steady. You're always going to be having a nice, steady price that you can count on. It acts a little bit like stable coin. I don't know that high is going to go super higher than $3 this year. But it can definitely go up to $10. It can go up $10 this year. It can given the right circumstances. But I don't know that the catalyst is going to be adding celebrities. Or building more projects that ask you to swap your high for other tokens.

The catalyst to make price of Hive go higher is some kind of defy some kind of liquidity lock that's built on the actual hive blockchain. Smart contracts. Building out your own tokens like smart media tokens on the actual high blockchain.

There's nothing negative here. I have to say that. Because I do get attacked. Sometimes. People misrepresent me as being bearish. I have been blocked by Leo finance, for example, because I mentioned Oh that they're defies built on a different blockchain. I don't know why that would upset them. It's just simply the truth. And again, there's nothing wrong with that. But just trying to say that if we could actually build a liquidity lock on Hive. The price of Hive would absolutely skyrocket.

Sometimes I wonder if there's certain powers that be within hive that do not want the price of had to go higher because they are building these other tokens within ENJ or whatever. But I don't know. And if that's what they want to do. That's fine. So it's if that is what they are wanting to do then the good news is being aware of reality which is the price of hive will be nice and steady at these relatively low prices. Without too much you know crazy volatility and spikes to 10 or $20 that you're going to miss out on. You're always going to be able to rely on a steady price.

I really, really, really welcome any comments or questions that you may have. I really appreciate any upvotes and sharing and any interaction. It really keeps me motivated. It really encourages me. I appreciate you and have a great day.

Also, be sure to check out the hive chats on Twitter. I tried to host a Twitter spaces on Twitter from my Twitter account. It's a nice opportunity for you all to come and talk and chat. It's a nice opportunity for strangers to come and discover Hive. Be sure to check out hive chat tomorrow, Tuesday. And I am going to be hosting a Hive chat next Tuesday, February 8th. I'm hoping to have @taskmaster4450 and @forkyishere stop by and they can absolutely better explain the defi. And some of the other mechanics of Hive. And other opportunities better than I can. I'm just trying to do my best. I hope you're doing your best. And I'll see you all here on Hive and hopefully on Twitter. Bless you all!


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