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RE: Hive is Bitcoin's future sidechain.

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Lightening is a disaster to set up and use. I've tried to no avail.
Much harder than setting up a Hive node.

If they can't even get Lightening right for small financial transactions how could they possibly think they could cope with content.

You are right. Hive is the Bitcoin of social media and content.


Storing content + high speed requires a smaller pool of more specialized nodes, IE DPOS. I've game theorized this for fun for a long time, trying to reinvent DPOS. Everything has its trade-offs. One trade-off you can't have is speed; it has to scale to handle the load. People will not pay 5$ bucks to post a comment, esp when they can do it for free on Hive. We can always fork as a worst-case scenario; after we are all rich, mind you, from a "successful" money attack, we create another Hive and dump on the attacker. We can play that game all day and get stronger from it. So ya, I don't see another Hive that offers a better solution.

I've set up one myself so I know you're pain but I still think they have a way to go, I do think it has promise, I'd also love to see LN compatible with HIVE and HE that would make it so much cheaper to get your BTC in and out of HIVE

What do you find complicated about Lightning? Is it finding a compatible wallet or managing liquidity that is complicated?

If you need a wallet then I'd highly recommend Phoenix Wallet from ACINQ. It abstracts out nearly anything that users I've helped had issue with. It makes getting on Lightning very simple.

If you're talking about running your own node on lightning then check out BTCPay. It's nearly a one click install to get a fully running node up.

As for content I used Lightning everyday for content through various channels on Sphinx App. Sphinx allows me to listen to my favorite podcasts while rewarding the creators with streaming payments. Additionally it's a full service chat application where all messages are routed via lightning.

Happy to help you get set up if you ever have questions!