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I need a shake up of my follows, and to see what’s out there on the platform that I’m missing out on.

This all came about because I recently looked at my Hive ’following’ list. I’ve not looked at it properly since the Hive chain was created, along with the snapshot.


The accounts I had been following were an overhang from ones I once impulsively followed in the early days on the other chain, when I first started out on the platform in early 2018.

Looking back at them I found it easy to unfollow about 30-40 accounts - ones which haven’t been active in years. My theory is that if I looked at the blog/posts/wallet and if they hadn’t posted in at least 6 months, it was time to move on. So I unfollowed.

Some of these used to be MASSIVE and well voted stake holders on the other chain, and I was once envious of their power. They never migrated to Hive. The accounts are abandoned. Weird really.

NEW accounts

I still love following my usual accounts; a whole host of interesting and dedicated people posting about all sorts of stuff. ❤️

However with weeding out the not-so-purposeful accounts I’ve found a thirst to follow different ones which might interest me, ones which I can dish out my upvote to.

Something to shake up my feed with consistent, interesting and vibrant content. A #HiveShake if you will :)
(Sorry it’s terrible play on words of Hand Shake 🤦‍♂️)


I know @steevc runs a weekly Follow Friday post, which I’ll be tapping up for his recommendations..

I would like to encourage suggestions to me on your best accounts in the world of video, filmmaking, film/visual art, philosophy and rock/pop/metal music.

I will reward (as usual) comments of value with my upvote :)
Thanks in advance and don’t forget to shake up your follows too.
Especially new accounts - they need our love right now.


I find my follow list really useful. Many of the accounts i follow interest me but don't necessarily make it to trending or even post in specific communities. I use that feature on hive blog daily. I also use @steevc follow Friday. It's great to discover worthwhile content and new authors.

Absolutely - it’s the same here. I don’t follow entirely all the huge accounts, just smaller ones I enjoy the content of. Some larger accounts do produce awesome content, but they tend to be based around finances, development or crypto. Cool when I can understand it 😆

Yay! 🤗
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You are absolutely right. I think I need to go check out mine too. Like you said, about 30-40 might not be active for a while but thy account for people I follow.

Yeah. It’s just got me thinking that although those accounts are harmless I should probably follow some new ones. Spread the love.

Absolutely! Need to make out time and scroll through mine.

It must be the time of year or something but I've been doing the same with my follow list.

I've followed a few new interesting people that I met at hivefest6 which is helpful when we can actually get to have a chat with them.

That’s fantastic, following people you’ve actually met and interacted with before. That makes a difference for sure.

It’s definitely seems like the time that folk are evaluating this accounts a bit more, considering the recent increase in price and general increase in new accounts.

Cheers for the comment!
If you’ve any recommendations then link me up!

Following dead accounts is no issue, but I have found a few of those people do eventually pop up again. The higher price may have tempted them back. I try to keep my feed interesting and fun without getting overloaded. I could make more use of lists to keep track of particular sets of accounts. Maybe we will eventually get better tools in peakd to control the feed.

Feel free to do your own #FollowFriday if you find some interesting folk.


Yeah the dead accounts aren’t a problem, it just bamboozled me a bit. Can those accounts not access their Hive wallet etc after a certain time that the chain was setup??
Seems weird as some have $100k - $1M of Hive tokens on there 😳

I’m more interested in finding new accounts to follow really.
So any suggestions anytime feel free to sling them my way :)

I know some people have lost their keys, but accounts will just stay there if you do nothing. I'll keep looking for more people. My queries for Brits turn up a few.


Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

Some of these used to be MASSIVE and well voted stake holders on the other chain, and I was once envious of their power. They never migrated to Hive. The accounts are abandoned. Weird really.

I noticed a few of those too. Some people that were really active and then left, completely missed out on the 1:1 aidrop of Hive. Now it's sitting there and the problems that led to their leaving now resolved. It's strange.

Sometimes I do the same thing as you: check my followed/follower list and just try to find people I may have missed for some reason. Then stumble into a ton of people I remember from way back, seeing that sometimes they're still active every few months. Some just gone.

All true. Yeah that’s a good feeling of re-discovering an account. There’s so much value to be had, I feel like I’m just scratching the surface.
Cheers for the comment!

Curating who you follow to make sure your feed is as enjoyable as possible, is a thing that people don't talk about enough. They're so used to algorithms on facebook just showing them what it thinks they want, that it takes a bit to get use to have to play a role in it again.

THIS 100%. It’s a proper things that needs consideration. I was my feed to be quality and diverse.
I’m not always reading them all, but I’m certainly voting for the stuff I really like. And I want to find more of that stuff.

You’re totally right that we’re so used to the algorithm showing us what we think we want to see.
But I feel like if we dig a little deeper we can uncover more and build more meaningful relationships with content creators.

Absolutely! Sure maybe Tiktok has managed to draw more people in with their addictive dopamine triggers, but I don't get anything out of my use of Tiktok. Hive is about as addictive as a hammer, it's not! It's instead rewarding what you can build with it, and the rewards to literally get as a result.
It's short term satisfaction, vs doing what is best for us. Sure I like sugar once in awhile, but I still eat mostly healthy foods because I know the results of eating nothing but sugar.

Great analogy!

Something many tend to forget, and is mainly possible cause we operate on a public database, is that you can visit people's feeds by just going to @username/feed. so if you know any people who actively renew their following to follow active authors it's a nice tool, especially for curators.

PS! Don't follow mine, I haven't been focusing too much on my own account lately as I'm busy with onboarding and OCD curation. :p

Nice tip, thanks!

I need to do this 👀


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