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RE: Hive developer meeting #12

in #hive5 months ago

I was glad to see the fix for the comment count.

For HF 25 what kind of economy changes are you looking at? Will the changes aid in the Smart media Token dream, or turn it into a nightmare? I was very glad to see that HF 24 did not involve any economic changes, and I personally would like to see some stability to the economy of Hive, unlike where on Steem most of the HF's involved a change to the economic level.


I replied about it in another comment, I say economic but truthfully it's mostly about governance that in turns applies to economics.
I'd say the changes won't affect SMTs.

Well hard fork 25 will be in a while anyways so with hf 24 not having too many eco changes we'll have almost 8 to 10 months of stability :)

I think that stability in the economics is going to prove very useful in the long term. I am looking forward to the governance changes, we really do need to solidify that part of the foundation but that is just my opinion on it and I am sure we are going to have a lot of various protection schemes come forth for us to think about, right now I favor the witness vote decay, but it is still early in the discussion.