Hive developer meeting #12

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Subjects touched upon:

  • Dev sync
  • hivemind status
  • Documentation
  • Hard fork 25 direction
  • Initial smart contract thoughts

meeting tl;dr:

The beginning is a lot of tech talk from @blocktrades and I. We mostly talk about what we've been up to. Regarding documentation, I'll make a post to outline my vision for it regarding a potential structure for it.

Regarding hivemind, I know @imwatsi was interested in contributing, we touch upon that a bit, basically hivemind needs more tests. So this is a great way to get involved.

Regarding hard fork 25 and its direction we agreed that it should still be "small" (code wise) changes like governance / economy and rc delegations.

And then we dwell on how he envisions smart contracts as a layer 2 engine running on hive and how that would affect SMTs


I've listened to the whole video but thanks for the tl;dr. My question is, are those "governance/economy" changes already specified/discussed somewhere?

Hi ! We mention it now and then in core devs meeting, I don't remember them all from the top of my head but it's things like

  • remove the vote auction for the first 2 hours (no more if I vote first then I get more, this should give more chance to human curator and let people vote more naturally)
  • expiring operations: witness votes, proxy, delegations, proposal votes, anything that lasts in time basically. It's important because there is a significant amount of dead voters and people that lost their keys etc that gives an unfair advantage to others / is dangerous.

There are more but I forgot which. In any case it will be debated publicly etc don't worry about it, it won''t be a change where you wake up one day to see the whole token economy shift.

Thanks a lot!

  • Awesome to hear about upcoming development of Laungage metadata tag
  • Also we know our users will be very happy to have Community Moderation features back.
  • Thanks for getting comment count back up
  • Interesting conversation about smart contract stuff... I would love to see a conversation amongst several parties about this concept in particular not just in a developer setting so we can invision how the different options may actually go down for developers and how it could impact users. I understand that may come after more is written.

Thank you for being such a regular listener :)

I'm not super familiar with communities, why were the moderation features removed ?

Yes definitely about smart contracts, tbh it's a very early discussion, nothing is even set in stone. I mostly mentioned it to bring awareness.

It broke with the hivemind changes and they haven't been fixed yet Sadly. They're pretty important for communities perhaps even one of the top core foundation of communities.

I was glad to see the fix for the comment count.

For HF 25 what kind of economy changes are you looking at? Will the changes aid in the Smart media Token dream, or turn it into a nightmare? I was very glad to see that HF 24 did not involve any economic changes, and I personally would like to see some stability to the economy of Hive, unlike where on Steem most of the HF's involved a change to the economic level.

I replied about it in another comment, I say economic but truthfully it's mostly about governance that in turns applies to economics.
I'd say the changes won't affect SMTs.

Well hard fork 25 will be in a while anyways so with hf 24 not having too many eco changes we'll have almost 8 to 10 months of stability :)

I think that stability in the economics is going to prove very useful in the long term. I am looking forward to the governance changes, we really do need to solidify that part of the foundation but that is just my opinion on it and I am sure we are going to have a lot of various protection schemes come forth for us to think about, right now I favor the witness vote decay, but it is still early in the discussion.

A very interesting update. I appreciate all the work and the time taken to keep the broader community updated. Very much appreciate.

It's interesting to me the depth and age of some of the corrections of HF24. Makes it a LOT more understandable why the time and timing.

Thank you!

Thank you ! Honestly hard fork 24 was shipped a bit early, hence why we are in a state where the paint is still drying. But that's the beauty of layer 2 applications. We forked a few weeks ago and we can make continuous upgrades :)

Love the progress y'all are making. I hope to contribute to Hivemind in the near future.

Awesome ! Try to get in touch with @guiltyparties so you can get on mattermost, it'll be easier for you to be in touch with @blocktrade's team.

Thank you for maintaining transparent communication with our community.

100% agree with @blocktrades about the second layer. It doesn't need to be peer to peer.

I was listening to the Decentralize Hive Engine meeting the other day, and all I could think was, why are they even trying to do this?

It's debatable honestly, it depends on what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it.

If you want a side chain that can go beyond hive limitations with things like sharding etc, you want to have peer to peer validation.

A concept where you would need it would be something where you have a side chain with its own blocks, it's own peers etc. And it only syncs it's state with the main chain now and then to benefit from its security. In that case you can have a side chain that does anything you want with like proof of work 1s blocks or whatever.

Yes, but the goal is not to compete with general purpose blockchains at the moment. Let's focus on being a good first layer for communities, and giving them second layer tools to do their own thing.

We can't solve every problem in the world, communities is already a huge usecase.

Also, this will allow many kinds of different dapps that can use simple smart contracts.

Thanks for sharing. Moving more of these new components as 2nd layers, is good approach, we can innovate and experiment much faster.


Haha I see why now :p

Is there a way to catch these live?