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RE: So, what does it do?

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a lot of things happened from that first promo video, well we forked to Hive :) and it was a really good video.

there is a lot, will try to mention few things that are not that obvious to everyone and some obvious.

biggest crypto game Splinterlands with play to earn.

NTFShowroom for art.

3Speak now "makes" RSS feed from every video posted on the platform. And why is that cool? well because 3speak video could now be found and played on bunch of Podcasting apps. And even better is that on Podcasting 2.0 apps people can send you Sats per minute played and that is automatically converted to Hive.

Easy tipping with no 3th party to stop you or take big cut.

Patreon like tipping that no one can stop. (you can set amount, how often and for how long you want to send tips to someone)

i will probably remember more stuff...


This is good stuff, lots of updates on techno didn’t know existed!

How do YOU use Hive daily though? What do it do for you?

i learn about lens whacking then i try to unmodifie my lens (turn the front element back) in the dark while live music performing only to find out that r6 does not want to record with no lens :)

jokes a side. i kinda do all of that, not everything on daily bases but.
every few days i do send some sats to podcasters. i even got some (probably Brian testing the app)
i post, comment, like, read stuff every day.
i sometimes make an nft (i even sometimes sell some. rarely, usually when i somehow trick the clown or julia :) )

i was using tipping options regularly when photogames had an active season.

playing splinterlands every day.

and i am participating in distribution ("mining") of hive.


Awesome feedback! That gives a decent insight in to how versatile Hive is.

I want to get across in the video that Hive isn’t just a coin that sits in a wallet, and you speculate/buy/sell. That’s boring.
Hive has actual use. Use that grows AND entertains.

I think ultimately it’s an entertainment coin really. It’s a game.
It exists to be useful and communal.
People’s real experiences of using Hive daily indicate that it’s fills so many uses.

at the moment Hive is only blockchain that i use daily.
and you are right coin that only sits in your wallet is boring. there are some that i bought and i forgot that i did.