So, what does it do?

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If you have an answer to this question then I would like to hear it

The purpose of this is research because I want to make a HIVE promo video.
The angle I’m wanting to explore is ‘Look what HIVE can actually do’

Be it games, staking, gambling, video, social, blog, whatever you actually do with Hive, I’d love to know.

I want to discover the dApps or sites that make your life better and entertain you.

Hive, for me, is more than just a coin that I can just buy and sell

Thanks for any perspectives on this 🤙🏻


I think it is a great place for people and projects to fund what they love to do. Its also a financial tool that outperforms pretty much anything out there. This is the best "beer and burger" coin we have imo, because tx are fast and free. It also uses human readable addresses. These are very important tools.

I use Hive Block Chain as a rewarding entertainment system. I don't know if as a kid getting the funny pages first is something that is still a thing or not. for me there are a few daily post I look at read and play in first thing when I wake up. I enjoy the little zombie text game I play on a daily basis, and then there is the picture puzzle game I play on a daily basis.

Music is another thing I really like about Hive, we have some very good musicians on hive that are willing to share a little bit of their music with us, and even interact with us when we leave a comment.

The photographers, the pros and the I just like to take pictures people are great. I have learned quite a bit about photography, but the main reason I like it is that I get to see thousands of different places through the eyes of an individual who has not had there picture have to clear governmental scrutiny like many magazines that feature a story and pictures from some places. I get to see peoples back yard photography, to get a view of what the country really looks like.

Books, a lot of book authors sharing their works or developing their stories right here on Hive, and once again willing to interact with their audience.

Hive is a lot more than just the crypto token. Hive offers so much more than the simple price of the token.

Hello @ashtv ! You propose today a great question indeed. There are as many answers as people registered in Hive, I believe.

For me, this is a space where I can truly own what I create, as a writer/artist at the beginning of the journey. I think that for many creatives that would be the case to, thanks to the way that the Blockchain functions.

This is also a place where ideas, products, creations, and primarily hard work and organic engagement, are rewarded increasingly according to the value they bring (or they should, at least, and that's something to work on).

Hive is a community of communities, where everyone can find there right niches and grow as a human being, regardless of their background, culture, etc. In fact, Hive is a place where we get to genuinely be in touch with the diversity that exist in the world, and learn from it.

I look forward to knowing your thoughts on this as well!

Well, I've seen a lot of good comments about what Hive can do.

In our terms, Hive can help to build up your dreams, by showing your passion and getting rewarded for it. They say 💭 the best thing to do in life is to do what you love and get paid for it. The musicians have discovered this and this is why they sing for less than 3 mins and get a huge amount for it. Likewise the athletes. Our academy shows what Hive can do.
For details of the Academy:

Hive is also a smart contract blockchain where any developer can come with an idea and incorporate it with Hive. The game built on Hive is Splinterlands (A carding collectible game), Rabona (A soccer manager emulator)...

By holding Hive, you earn more other than speculating. You earn from Curation and interest for Staking Hive.

Hive is a world 🌎

I love this reply!
Not heard of Rabona before. I’ll Google it!

I love how you put “By holding Hive, you earn more other than speculating. You earn from Curation and interest for Staking Hive.” That is plain and simple, I like it.

Smiles, thanks. Rabona is a soccer manager game that's been around for more than a year. A lot is still needed to upgrade the game tho and the developers said they are presently working on it.
Alt UI:

"What can hive actually do"

Since I am a content consumer more than a content creator, what hive actually does for me, is allows me to have ownership over my TIME & ATTENTION, aswell as my engagement with my peers on this platform and allows me to receive the value from that without ever having had to ask permission from anybody.

What hive actually does for me and others, is provides an alternative to centralized platforms where only the service provider and the social media "influencer" are rewarded for the value that communities bring to them, while the community is stripped of all that they contribute, which is 100% of the value.

What hive actually does, is allows someone to delegate their HP to a person who has not invested one penny into this ecosystem, and that person is then allowed to immediately start "mining" hive via content creation, curation, or engagement in comments.

I really like this reply. Very thorough!

I’d love to know what you actually do on Hive too.
Do you tip, blog, create, play?

Checkout my most recent post, it wasnt "tipping", but I used HBD to pay a splinterlands youtuber to spend 2 hours with me talking to me about game strategy, and purchasing practices. I blog off and on, and I am helping to create @skatehive's secret project.. and I do play splinterlands and exode, but not all of the games we have on here haha they all take a while to learn.

That’s some awesome use of Hive!

I’ll check out your stuff, and follow your blog!

thanks man! Also, I am starting to use hive as a savings account, because of the 10% interest.. but im learning that SPS was a way better option a few weeks ago haha! .30 cents to .80 cents lol!
same as hive though! Moon Soon!!

1: True account ownership
2: One account, many services/front ends
3: Censorship resistance
4: Communities
5: No algorithmic manipulation like Twitter or Facebook
6: Public code / Open systems
7: Community driven
8: NFT System
9: Innovative
10: Wordpress Integration

Let me know how I can help. If I can, I will.

This is awesome.

I’d like to know how you use it on a daily basis too?
Like what apps? Phone or desktop?
Do you play games? Do you gamble?

I’ll let you know how I might need a hand for sure!
Thanks dude

I use PeakD to manage my communities, Ecency for mobile writing. I am starting to use Keychain for my mobile experience a little more on the phone. Definitely ise Keychain on desktop and laptop to login. Keychain makes it so much easier to experience Hive. I enjoy using D.Buzz for fun, quick posts. I have Hive integrated into my Worpress powered blog.

I do not use the video services here like 3Speak or DTube much. I prefer DTube’s UI more than 3Speak but neither work for me at the moment. I much prefer LBRY/Odysee video and embedding those videos into Hive posts.

I don’t gamble or play many games, though I have been tempted to at least try Splinterlands.

Very similar looking experience to me really. Splinterlands is outside my sphere of interest but it’s awesome what it’s doing for the community.
Keychain is fantastic on desktop. Not used it on mobile tho even though I’ve got the app downloaded.
That’s a good overview.

There used to be an app on St**m called MagicDice, where you could gamble your Steem on a really simple betting site. Guess higher or lower kind of game. It was ace! Sadly it packed up and stole a load of crypto. Cool concept though!
Wish HIVE has something similar. It was very popular.

It’s occurring to me over the last few months that Hive is an entertainment crypto. Everything about the platforms are geared toward keeping you entertained. Blogs, videos, games, communities - it’s all exciting. It’s not a coin that just sits in a wallet doing fuck all. It’s use is incredible, for entertainment purposes. I think that element needs to be pushed.

If I may suggest something, I'd like to offer a format. I've been editing some product videos and they've got this good format where they talk about a single aspect of their product for 15 seconds. It has a host so it's more explanatory in format, but something like this could help break the ideas up to make them more shareable, and by breaking it up into a hyper focused 15 seconds it allows them to be digestible for the average person.

Yeah man that’s really cool. Do you have any shareable examples?

Here is a longer version of the short vids I cut. The 15 second ones haven't been released yet. Derrick, the host, says "a few things" which was copy that eventually got changed to "one thing".

This is fantastic, really slick!
I can see how 15 sec cutdowns would work really nice from that format.
Awesome man.
Why don’t I see you share stuff like this more often in the community? It’s great work!

Thanks. I appreciate that. Part of the problem was the whole branding thing. Also, that’s the only one they’ve released that I know of. I JUST uploaded about a dozen finished vids last week so there will be more to share. I don’t really think of myself as an editor even though I have the skills. I do enjoy it though. Wouldn’t mind editing a feature again.

a lot of things happened from that first promo video, well we forked to Hive :) and it was a really good video.

there is a lot, will try to mention few things that are not that obvious to everyone and some obvious.

biggest crypto game Splinterlands with play to earn.

NTFShowroom for art.

3Speak now "makes" RSS feed from every video posted on the platform. And why is that cool? well because 3speak video could now be found and played on bunch of Podcasting apps. And even better is that on Podcasting 2.0 apps people can send you Sats per minute played and that is automatically converted to Hive.

Easy tipping with no 3th party to stop you or take big cut.

Patreon like tipping that no one can stop. (you can set amount, how often and for how long you want to send tips to someone)

i will probably remember more stuff...

This is good stuff, lots of updates on techno didn’t know existed!

How do YOU use Hive daily though? What do it do for you?

i learn about lens whacking then i try to unmodifie my lens (turn the front element back) in the dark while live music performing only to find out that r6 does not want to record with no lens :)

jokes a side. i kinda do all of that, not everything on daily bases but.
every few days i do send some sats to podcasters. i even got some (probably Brian testing the app)
i post, comment, like, read stuff every day.
i sometimes make an nft (i even sometimes sell some. rarely, usually when i somehow trick the clown or julia :) )

i was using tipping options regularly when photogames had an active season.

playing splinterlands every day.

and i am participating in distribution ("mining") of hive.


Awesome feedback! That gives a decent insight in to how versatile Hive is.

I want to get across in the video that Hive isn’t just a coin that sits in a wallet, and you speculate/buy/sell. That’s boring.
Hive has actual use. Use that grows AND entertains.

I think ultimately it’s an entertainment coin really. It’s a game.
It exists to be useful and communal.
People’s real experiences of using Hive daily indicate that it’s fills so many uses.

at the moment Hive is only blockchain that i use daily.
and you are right coin that only sits in your wallet is boring. there are some that i bought and i forgot that i did.

What if you owned your Facebook account? And what if you found out that Facebook was analyzing your account and used that information to manipulate you through ads. What if a competitor offered to give you a similar experience to Facebook without the manipulation? You would keep all of your friends, all of your posts, all of you IMs. Your entire history would be intact. You would just access it on a different site. Hive makes this possible.

It gives power to the users for the first time. When you make an account on a given platform, that platform owns the account. With hive, you are the owner.

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