's web wallet is now up!

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Just a quick note, users of can now access the web wallet functionality for sending tokens, redeeming rewards, powering up/down, changing password, creating a community, etc.

If you find any problems in the next day or so, feel free to report them here as a comment.





Good to see rapid progress. I thought it would take time but apparently things play out beyond everyone's expectations. Hats off to everyone involved.

I thought it would take time but apparently things play out beyond everyone's expectations.

That's one of the most impressive things I've noticed about Hive, so far. Steemit underdelivered most of the time; the Hive crew is routinely overdelivering.

That's brilliant!

Although the price is a little higher than the steem, my expectation was with the Airdrop, I thought it would be higher.


Here is a small Bug (Chrome; Mac):
Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-25 um 23.09.58.png

Woow, thumbs up 👍 guys!

Now I am able to follow up with my balance, all excellent done!

I'm not part of the team. (:

With the same key of Steemit, right ?

Thank you!

This was stopping me from migrating any content over to Hive. I really need web functionality because I don't use smart devices and never will. Also, using a 3rd party to manage my passwords and funds doesn't feel right. Now I can use for posting, commenting, curation, AND managing my funds. The trifecta! Or is that a quadfecta? Doesn't matter.... I'm just glad it's working now. Hoping to see continued upgrades as we go!

And thank you, again. This was important to me and likely many others.


Would be nice if it had more functionalities.

Just tell them what functionalities you want, someone may when they have time add what you think would be functional.

Have you heard of

I do not know about, I do know and did use from steemchiller on steemit. Pointing to another site still does not tell the developers what Functionalities you are looking for. I used a lot of the things on, was familiar with most of them, but only used a few on a recurring basis.

That's brilliant, and a super quick "delivery," too. I've been accessing the wallet functions through PeakD, but it's great to know this is also here, now.

Edited to add: And the internal market works, too!

good to see smooth transfer from steem to hive.

Are cookies enabled? If I refresh or switch screens I have to log in again.

Still great work though and it seems to be fully functional.

That is great news! 👌❤️🙏

It is good for implementing the wallet, even if my front end of choice is PeakD

Thanks so much for this! I cannot cancel my open orders though. Is it going to be fixed anytime soon? Thanks again!

Hi Blocktrades,
i just tried to send Steem to my BTC Wallet and got:
Oops, something went wrong. Here is the error message:
" now=2020-03-27T16:44:09 trx.exp=2020-03-27T16:42:48"
Please help.
Thank You

Hopefully this already got resolved, but if not, please file a support request on our site.

Hello @blocktrades. I noticed that the price of HIVE was much lower on HIVE market than on your site. I have ran a little script which was buying HIVE on market and selling it back for HBD through your site (Initially, I only had few HBDs, so I had to make loads of txs to lower the difference between market price of HIVE and your price). However, 4 of those transactions failed. Could you please take a look at it and provide information?
Thank you.

EDIT: All transactions refunded by admin. Thanks.

Thats really some good news.

We will probably have no one asking "why am I getting AccessDenied! Help!" below most posts anymore.

I just haven't made the comment yet. Making sure I try everything on different devices before I do.

Nice thanks for the update, looking forward to dumping all my steem!

Hooray! Thank you

Was able to claim. Only "issue" (could just be I disagree with the design):
The logo in the top left says "hive blog" but doesn't take you to It goes to the wallet still. Fix would be to either add the word "wallet" to the logo or have the logo linked to

Nicely done guys! Keep up the good work.

Good to know, thanks.

We love this fast work all the developers are doing ❤ great job guys

Great job guys !

Hell yeah, more and more progress on the platform, what good news 🐻🚀

Finally! Great Job Guys!

Awesome, been waiting for this!


I am your customer on blocktrades. I need help. I submitted two support tickets days apart. Not finding your response an I've checked everywhere. I cannot log in. I need to log in. I have no other means of asking for assistance. I left more detail on your post yesterday.

If you feel I have given reason to ignore me then tell me because I have no clue why. I don't know- I'm asking.

Our site is experiencing rapid updates right now. Some fixes have been made today, and there will likely be more tomorrow. Please be patient, we're making a lot of changes very rapidly.

OK, Thank You I was not aware that you were still making changes on blocktrades. I feel better about this.

I can't login to my account even after changing my password. Please, let me know when you've fixed it. Regards!

Great to see how quickly and efficiently this has all managed to happen. I'm excited for this new endeavor. I'm honestly excited to see what the future holds across the board. These are definitely some interesting times and it's cool to be a part of something new, but not entirely new. Something old, but refreshed, in a way.

Already tried a little bit of trading, no issues here. Great work!

Hivesigner is not working for me

Whoop whoop! Now can everyone stop asking where’s the wallet lol!

I don't mean to be a pussy about this but you devs seem pretty fcukin' male-centric to me...Couldn't even make the ladies a fcukin' purse:P
Okay, no use complaining as I'z gotz more important inquiries!
Oh, hell...I'm going to go talk to Moroni and try to find out why polygamy died!

I noticed! Thank you.


Yesterday I initiated a Trade of STEEM Tokens on the Blocktrades Platform and it was Traded for 83.191 HIVE Tokens and then it was Sent to Your Blocktrades Wallet in ERROR. Could you Please Send Those 83.191 TOKENS to my HIVE Wallet @stokjockey ??
I did send a message yesterday via the contact within your Blocktrades site and have not received a reply as of yet. Thank You for taking the time to address this and I am Looking forward to my 83.191 HIVETokens sent to my HIVE Wallet.

I See The HIVE Tokens in my Account and I Thank You Very Much @blocktrades for Helping me With This. You guys are the Best !!!

Will blocktrades support the selling of steem because now it directs me to poloniex, and poloniex has a bad reputation when handling steem.

Yes, we're supporting the selling of Steem.

I don't understand. When I hit the sell button it sends me to poloniex.... how can I use blocktrades then ?

You can go directly to our web site:

I figured it out in the end but thank you non the less :)

It works like a charm. Thanks a lot for the hardwork @blocktrades!

Wow! I wanted this! Thanks to the Hive team!

Hey guys, is there something like for HIVE??

Hi @networkallstar the app from @penguinpablo is coming, he's already working on it! You can check his post here: about

Thanks a lot for the info❤️🙏👌

Awesome, I'm beginning to get used to @peakd though, but its a fantastic development.

Oh, I'm so glad the wallet is now online. I was getting anxious, and even posted a tutorial on how to use the PeakD wallet with Keychain to power up / down and do transactions. Really glad to see the HIVE wallet is online now.

Only thing I'm missing right now is a steemvoter-like app, something to follow some curation trails automatically, like @curie

Anyone know of any such app moved over to HIVE that I can use? Really appreciate any suggestion, thanks!

Try HiveVote by @mahdiyary. It is a replacement for SteemAutoVote.

Oh goodie! I'll take a look, this seems just right. Thanks a lot man, really appreciate it!

It's my pleasure :-)

Thanks for good news. I wish you success.

You all are doing great!
I am amazed out how well this transition has gone considering the enormity of it across the blockchain.
There are still some bumps across all apps, but overall everyone seems to be doing great considering.

Uploading image #1...

Thank you for the speed you are putting on the platform so that everything gets back to normal quickly @blocktrades

Hive wallet is not opening for me.Here i attached a screenshot of the error.
Please help...

Hive wallet.jpg

This means you have an old version of Pressing F5 to refresh should probably fix it.

Thanks..It's now working. Three cheers for Hive...

Oh the wallet function was never available until now? LOL so that was why I couldn't access it! Thanks for this post!

Glad to know that, more progress to come ;) @blocktrades

Quick work, thanks!

good work!

I am still confused about the Resource Credit

i just did 1 post, 1 comment and give 2 likes and its almost emptied
can someone help me with this?
or should i buy something so i can keep doing my activities here?

You have no Hive Power, Your resource credits are based on how much you have in Hive Power, how much Hive tokens you hold, that you have powered up. If someone gave you the account you can ask them for a small delegation, standard delegation to get people started in the past on steem block chain was 15 SP (Steem Power). I found that with a brand new account to cover a post ten votes, and 10 comments 25 Hive Power should do it.

oh i see, thanks for the information
so i need to buy HIVE first
what exchange that can give low rate?

Okay, it said the delegation went through, 25 HP should allow you to cast a few votes and leave some comments.

thanks @bashadow,
i already got help from @samotonakatoshi. he delegated 100 power to me, so i can become active more. :)

Okay, well I'll still leave the 25 I sent for a couple of weeks, a couple of good paying post and you will be well on your way. It does take time to develop a following, voting, commenting/replying, and posting does help build that following up. Have fun.

okay thanks again @bashadow

I honestly do not know. I have actually never bought any tokens before. I made my first trade from steem to hive only a couple of days ago using Ionomy, I know a lot of people use Blocktrades. I'll loan you some hive (delegate) a bit to you so you can ask around. And leave comments to try and get some exchange help. The delegation will last for about 2 weeks if it works, I have not delegated anything yet on Hive block chain, so no guarantees it will make it there for you.

thanks to you too @bashadow, i got 25 HP delegation in my wallet :)
is there any place to earn some HP instead buying it?

I pretty much earned all of mine when on the Steem Block Chain. Best advice I can give, (and it may not be worth much), is to be you, be real. It took me two and a half years to get to the 3000 mark, some people do it a lot faster, some a lot slower.

Reaing and leaving real comments on other peoples post is one way to get noticed, however the comments need to be real, read, or look at, or watch, then let the poster know what you liked, what your thoughts are on the subject, something that gives feedback to the author. Some might vote your comment, some may follow you, some may ignore you. When the vote value was high enough a lot of people would vote on comments, with the price drop of Steem, people had to curtail their comment voting some. We will have to wait and see what direction Hive Token takes.

Voting on post will earn you a curation reward, you want to be careful about lowering your vote level to much however, or voting to much. If you find you your vote recharge time taking a long time to recover, then drop back to a 50% vote level . At 50% you should be able to vote for 30-40 post a day,

His account was registered by @steemhunt which delegated something to him. However, @steemhunt was excluded from the airdrop for supporting Sun so all the delegations were cancelled.

yes, i created this account via @steemhunt (by my friend guidance).
BTW, who is Sun? - oh from TRON?
from what i hear and read from steem posts, he want to conquer or take the steem blockchain with the very bad way right?
thats why i choose to start active in HIVE coz i think it will be SUPER DECENTRALIZED community out there. No BIG GUY that will control everything CMIIW

I have delegated 100 HP to you as I do not need them that much. Now you should have no problems. I will undelegate once I notice you either have enough HP or your account is inactive. Enjoy.


Thank you sooooo much @samotonakatoshi
BTW, what do you mean by @spaminator in comment bellow? and you said thank you after he gave the dislike?

i will collect some money too and try to buy HIVE as soon as possible. Until that, thanks for the lending / delegations.

where should i learn about the common words that always used in HIVE community?

Actually, I do not really know what is the best way to learn about commond words. I learned by staying here, reading many articles. Maybe try to find an article that is specifically about explaining HIVE (or STEEM). Or go to and read some info about your account... if you do not understand something, try to look it up. If you cannot look it up, ask someone.

EDIT: Peakd actually has a good FAQ ( It will probably be better to read it first.

thank you very much for the info
i will try to read and learn from now
hihi language barrier still become a small problem for me, but i will use auto translator :D

great job! Thanks for it!

Oh, wow, great, every time I come on Hive I find something has been done.
Great work!

When I try to trade its keeps saying "Insufficient market liquidity to satisfy this conversion (max input:~0.000)"

That means our site is temporarily unable to find sufficient pricing information to process the trade. This can happen easily for Hive and HBD right now, because we only have a few price sources. We should have more soon, as we get more exchange listings (blocktrades will set up an exchange listing tomorrow, for instance).

Awesome! I shall wait.😀

Awesome work! Keep it up as it’s been seamless transition!!! Thanks

Keep up the good work guys! Amazing job.

Viva la revolución! Good luck to all!

Still not working for me.

Do a hard refresh, that indicates you've got an old version of the site loaded. Try F5 first.

Thank u now is fine. One more question if u dont mind. How can i cancel a delegation that i started before on steem and now still it is delegated in hive?

Now we don't need to use PeakD anymore just to power up ;)

Nice initiative :]

This is great

Great post! So much to learn. Need to read more like this!

I cannot trade on your blocktrades web there is no limit for exchange hive or other crypto what happening with your service hope you solve this issue soon.

Sorry for the late reply, but this issue was resolved yesterday.

Hi @blocktrades my friend sent some Hive for Steem on but said the transaction failed for him and he doesn't have his Hive or Steem, could you please help him @socialmediaseo is the user. Thanks.

If this wasn't resolved already, please have him file a support request from our web site:

Thanks will do :) much appreciated!


I need support on your site. I have a failed transaction. Input hash 5baa2ff5
Could you please help me? I didn't get my Hive tokens back :(

All good. Thank you very much! :D

Great job guys! This was awesome news to see :^)

if i want to send myself hive. do i use my username as wallet to send to ?

Awesome .... Would you consider adding a Smoke/Hive or Smoke/Steem Crypto Trading pair on Blocktrades.US ?

A place for some of us to convert our Steem to Smoke Crypto ?

Congratulations @blocktrades! You received a personal award!

Happy Hive Birthday! You are on the Hive blockchain for 4 years!

You can view your badges on your board and compare to others on the Ranking

Do not miss the last post from @steemitboard:

Happy Birthday to the Hive Community
Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

Noticed you have downvoted my post that is of quality content @mariuszkarowski what's the issue then? Every downvote account linked here on my post mentions SBI and downvoting yet you hit my post that contains quality content? What rule did I break exactly and where is your rule book? Please explain...

Why are you posting this on my post?

Sorry @blocktrades not sure how I landed here

I have issues with transferring hive to another account since the last 24hrs..

Finally Access Allowed to our own wallets lol