My 5th Hive Birthday 🥳 + Giveaway

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Hello everyone,

3 days ago I received a comment from @hivebuzz mentioning that I have been on the Hive blockchain for 5 years!



I wasn't aware of that so I'm glad I've got reminded like that. Wow, 5 years already. That's crazy but you know what they say: Time flies when you're having fun. And boy, I had a lot of fun with the awesome Hive community (or may I even call it "Hive family"?). I'm super grateful for all the opportunities this blockchain has given me and I am proud of what I achieved here.

But let me start at the beginning: 5 years ago the Hive blockchain wasn't "born" yet. So it's actually my Steem birthday - a blockchain I barely use nowadays for obvious reasons. My first post was really short because I wasn't sure whether blogging was something I would enjoy...



And now 5 years have passed and I'm still blogging - but now on Hive. It was a wild ride and I can't wait for the next 5 years on this blockchain!


Okay, it won't be a party without gifts, right? That's why I thought of some nice stuff you can win to celebrate my anniversary. 5 people will win in total and here are the prizes:

  1. A 10 HP power up on the next HPUD (tomorrow)*
  2. 50 SPS
  3. 40,000 STARBITS
  4. 20 SPS
  5. 800 DEC

* I will power up 10 HIVE to the account of the first winner on 01/07/2022

In addition to that the first participants will get BEER, PIZZA, LOLZ or LUV tokens via the corresponding gift command.

So how can you enter? Well, since it's my 5 year anniversary you have to answer the following question in the comments:

How will Hive look like in 5 years? Do you think there will be new features? How much will Hive be worth?

The giveaway ends in 24 hours! So better hurry and celebrate my Hive anniversary with me! The winners will be determined randomly and prizes sent tomorrow. Good luck 🍀

Cheers 🥂✌


Hive to the moonnn
Letss goo
Good luck

Good luck 🤞

Much more poeple will use Hive in five years

Don't think there will be new features

Hive will be around 5-10 USD

count me in



Thanks for participating and good luck !LUV

Hive will continue to morph in the next five years. Many project will exit where people play but have no ideal that it runs on Hive. There will be one or two Whales leave which will upset Hive price for a little while.
Hive will be worth .10 USD.
Yes always new features and a workable search feature.

Thx for taking part in my giveaway !PIZZA

its will worth more than 1$, i don't know if is posible include new features at all but could be nice, hopefully more people will be publishing content everyday

Good luck 🤞

Thanks for the giveaway!
My ign is @stekene

I think Hive will be more active than it already is. The past 5 years steem/hive already made some big steps with the birth of awesome sideprojects.

Concerning the price, I'm sure new heights will be discovered, let's say minimum 2usd for 1 hive.

Good luck mate !LOL

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@stekene, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @btcsam
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ

I think there will be more people/users on Hive in 5 years. I think the platforms will become more user friendly. Hive will worth 5 USD! Thanks!

I hope so too :)

Good luck 🤞


Wow five years... and counting! :) I imagine Hive will still be around and probably be helping a lot of new folks out there who will discover its potential. I also imagine many more tribes and communities being formed. Maybe there will be more meet ups too. I'll be happy if $Hive will be worth at least $5.


Thank you and good luck !PIZZA



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happy hive anniversary to you

i think hive will be worth more than 3 dollars in five years time as it has reach that price before and it will reach it again.. i am very optimistic about it

uhm and as for features? well we do have some dapps making hive interesting so i can only imagine more dapps will be introduced

Thanks for your comment and good luck 🤞

Happy 5 year hive-iversary!!

Thats an awesome milestone and I hope to also reach it one day.

The way I see it, Hive will continue to grow and become the main social media platfrom used by the majority of people in 5 years time.

Hive will be worth over $5. :)


Thank you, I appreciate it. And also thanks for the 1 HIVE gift, if I hold on long enough to that one it may be worth $5 one day 🤞🤑


I think HIVE in five years is going to be a super platform with a lot more content and games based on the blockchain, the value of the currency of course is going to be higher.

Thanks for your comment and good luck in my giveaway :)

My hope is, that Hive will continue to thrive with new features - chat between accounts, better formatting options etc. - and as such it will grow in popularity. I do hope this is the way where social media is heading, and even if this won't be he most well know site, it will be in the top 5 :)


PS: And I though you started blogging the same time I did, almost a year ago. Congratulations!

Thanks for your comment. I wish you good luck for the giveaway !LOL

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@arkasz, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @btcsam
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Happy 5th anniversary to you! That is a great milestone! I'm still new in Hive but I think it will have many more features in the next 5 years. Hive might be $10? That would be nice :)

Thanks for participating and good luck !LUV

Congrats on your 5 year Hive anniversary, I marvel at the work and consistency that has brought you this far. To think some of us has just started.

I'm sure you'll get there as well.

PS: If you want to enter the giveaway you also have to answer the question from my post:)

I hope to see Hive growing up and incorporating features of today's social media (more interactivity like Instagram, a chat app like WhatsApp or Telegram, etc).

The value? 1$


No wonder everyone's attracted to the earths center
It is pretty hot

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Good luck mate 🤞

Happy Hive Anniversary, @btcsam.
I just joined Hive at the end of January 2022 but I have big expectations for Hive. I predict more community development, many more people on the chain, and the Hive token will be worth $3.71 USD.

Thanks for stopping by. Crazy that you joined just 5 months ago but already wrote so many posts. Respect 💪

Congratulations on your 5th Hive anniversary. I am sure you have seen a lot change over that time.

Thanks. And yes, I have. Some bad things happened but also lots of great stuff :)

The winners are:

  1. @stekene
  2. @mypathtofire
  3. @arkasz
  4. @amaillo
  5. @ijat

Congrats! Prizes will be sent asap ;)


@stekene 10 HP should be sent to your account :)

@mypathtofire, @arkasz, @amaillo & @ijat: I've sent your prizes via Hive-Engine just to make sure you get the tokens (in case your Splinterlands / Rising Star ign is different). Enjoy!


Received, Thank you!

Awesome! Thanks! 😊 !CTP !ALIVE

@btcsam! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @mypathtofire. (5/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Wooo-hoo! Congrats everyone! 😎

Thanks for offering the contest and picking me as a winner.

Thank you! I just earned my first 100.000 Starbits, these will be a great addition :)

My Resource credits seem to started going down the last couple of days, should I be too active? :p

The HP will def. help me!

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With all the recent inflation, I think Hive like $5 is not too bold a guess! I think it will have evolved a lot, too. But I cannot predict in which direction

I think so too, $5 within the next 5 years could be possible.

Good luck 🤞

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