New Hive Seed node:

in #hivelast year (edited)

Inspired by the re-birth of the Steem community in this new platform Hive, I decided to re-register my witness and spin up a seed node:

I have to give a special shout out to @someguy123, he was quick to port his steem-on-a-box service to Hive and all his tools and services for witnesses, which makes it really easy and fast to support the network.

I hope you guys are all safe and sound at home, wherever you are!

Here is an image of some servers in Resident Evil 2 (for no reason at all)

Vote for my witness: Chitty


Doing well, and thanks for the help with this transition.

Glad to see you on Hive. Following.

100% upvote for RE2 Photo 🤣