Let's create a hive movie !

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I've watched so many movies in my life. Maybe even thousands.

That's why I think that I can create a movie myself !

I already tried it before, but couldn't because I didn't have enough support !

But, now I'm back with a lot of energy and a 4 year experience on the blockchain !

I created a great video about why we should create a movie about hive.

Enjoy wathcing it !

I have many ideas and I'm sure that's possible !

We have many talanted people who could participate in one form or an other !

Join @dcooperation to see what I already did and if you want to help me somehow in the production join our : ''Discord Server of DC Production''

Check also what we did bfore in @dcooperation community !

Any form of help is welcome and anyone could participate in the movie.

Let's brainstorm the idea. The senario and what do you think about this !

Credits to music used in the video :
Emotional Inspiring Piano | LOST by Alex-Productions | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx0_M61F81Nfb-BRXE-SeVA
Music promoted by https://www.free-stock-music.com
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

▶️Watch on 3Speak Dapp

You may watch the video on youtube as well. The 3peak app is still new in case the video didn't work there !


You must have had so much fun doing this - it really made me laugh when you were doing the different accents and using the different hats - absolutely priceless. Good idea - you'll never get me on camera though, haha!

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Thanks for watching. I'm glad you like that. In case someone don't want to participate in video or be seen, he/she could just send a video showing something or at least talking without face. I need also community leaders to help me. So, you may at least create content about that to attract those who may help, or you can be a part of the team to work on this. I'm willing to create something like a contest to ask people to start writing senario for it. For example we may reward them by upvotes or something like that. Someone can start the senario, other will continue. I really need people to help me organizing all this. If you want ot help, please contact me in discord, twitter or join the discord server of @dcooperation. Anyone can be useful in this !