I've decided to delete all of my posts - Goodbye Everyone

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Hello everyone here on Hive for the last time! I am making this post so my followers know to unfollow this account. I did not immediately delete all of my posts on Hive because I wanted to wait everything out and see if anything changed. Unfortunately, it did not. I know that many of you here on Hive were not involved in the decision to remove my father's and my stake, and I will forever remain grateful to you all! Many of you are some of the smartest people I know, and you are the reason why what happened was so painful. Even though we know and cherish so many of the users on this chain, my father and I decided early on that we would not reside (or attempt to reside) in a community which had removed our stake.

A few weeks ago I made the decision to delete all of my articles because I do not want my work to contribute to the value of an asset I do not possess. It is nothing personal against anyone here (who wasn't involved in removing our stake).

The last note I will leave you with is one of complaint at the unethical treatment which some users have spat towards myself and the other 300 users who lost stake. We have been labeled as attackers of Steem despite the four years of value we gave it; we have lost 20 thousand dollars of Stake (which was briefly in our accounts); we had our posts copied to this chain without permission, and without an easy way to undo the action (My lack of stake meant that undoing this took weeks of tedious deleting in short bursts because of my lack of resource credits); and I was placed on the spamminator blacklist for discussing it in the comments of my own post. I do truly believe that many of you who did these things had good intentions, but they were still wrong, and drove us away.

We will miss many of you very much. It may be true that the creation of Hive was a historic event, but what was done to us and hundreds of other users will forever be a horrible stain in that chapter of Hive's history. Good luck here, I hope for the sake of the thousands of good users here on Hive who were not involved in wronging us that things go well! I also hope to still see some of you on Steem!

If you decide to comment on this post, please remain respectful.


Thank you for your generosity on the chain. When I first started on Steem, somehow your family noticed me and began upvoting my posts. It was one of the defining moments that kept me coming back at that time.

I wish you well in your future endeavors, and am sure you will do well. Your conduct with others is admirable, and a testament to some degree on the structures given to you by your parents.

Thank you for this comment! I am glad to that we have been a part of your journey. We will still be on Steem, and hope that your endeavors on Hive go well!

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