Hello Hive, I'm Still Alive

in #hivelast year

Dang, crazy stuff has been happening throughout the entire world. All hell is breaking loose where I am from in the U.S.
Shelter in place protocols are being recommended from government officials and this is all on top of everything that has taken place in the world of the STEEM blockchain.

I'm a little overwhelmed by everything, and to be frank, have no idea how to react to any of it. I'm not sure if the hard fork is going to be better or worse, but I guess we will take things one step at a time - as a community. Currently, I feel we are at ground zero. It can only be up from here, in the words of @taskmaster4490

I haven't been to up-to-date with the whole Justin Sun and the hostile Tron takeover, but I'm honestly glad I didn't get too wrapped up in it to begin with. I've taken a month or so hiatus to catch my breath for just one second, but I'm back now because I heard of the new launch.

Just checking in and posting my first post from the new HIVE chain.

How is everyone doing with the transition?
What does everyone expect from the hard fork?
Let's hear some of the great steemians' (well, I guess now hivians'??) thoughts??



Good to see you @conradsuperb :)

Are you ok, Conrad?
Greetings mi Bredda

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Hello, I am interested in restarting the #killthepad competition. I've been through the old competition posts and I'm contacting anyone who used to participate to see if they would like to get involved again. If so, just visit my blog page and see my latest post. All the best and hope to hear from you.