Using Footers on Your Posts & Why It Actually Helps Hive

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In the wake of recent events surrounding the Binance awards you may have seen the whales @innerhive & @xxxxxxxxxx coming out of the woodwork to downvote and insult me on this platform.

The consensus I've seen is that they are "to be feared for their power".

One of the prominent comments I received was about the footer on my Hive posts, and how this appears to be a "worthless shill" - thanks Bernie, your vitriol is hot.


OUTSIDE LINKS - This is the part where I link to my other pages, what this does is create backend SEO for Hive.Blog - and brings my Hive posts up on Google searches when people interact with, or click through to my other platforms - sadly no, there has not been any worthwhile traffic FROM Hive TO these links, that is not their purpose & honestly there are not enough fresh users currently on this platform for that to begin to make a dent, I'm aware of that.

HASHTAGS & INFORMATION - Yes, me including follow up text, hashtags and long tail keywords bumps up hive to the top of google searches as well. Despite my large digital footprint - Hive.Blog always appears on the first or second page of Google when you search for me. This is why.

This is a decentralized social media site, and shaming content creators for providing links & SEO work in the form of hateful comments, is not something that will draw people to your platform.

I advocate for Hive, Hive should be advocating for its users, not tearing them down.

Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 2.17.44 AM.jpg


Bernie has probably done more than most to drive users away, first from STEEM and now HIVE, than any other account. Maybe he's a Zuck shill? Not that it matters much to me as the whole HIVE/STEEM fork has me powering down on both chains after the governance on both chains has shown to be untrustworthy and broken beyond repair. This stage of the DPoS experiment has failed in my opinion.

You arrived pathetic and are leaving even more pathetic. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

Your unkind words make me as a babe again... wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I personally love your photo. I was looking at your other posts and see your links all over the bottom in your footers. Want to see something?


See how clean and simple that looks? You don't have to click any of the links, just using it as reference. I'm probably guessing that no one has taken the time to show you how to do markdown or html coding which seems to be the premise for this 'shill' argument I keep seeing. Something else we should talk about when you have time. I'll reach out soon.

Could you be more of an obnoxious attention whore?

Maybe if your photo was just a LITTLE skankier people might actually care about what you have to say.