Look what came in the mail! First round of Neck Gaiter Face Masks from Hiveline.carrd.co!

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It's always a lovely day when the mail arrives. I can't tell you how many times I've refreshed mine and @teamhumble 's tracking data. Due to crazy high demand (understandably) there have been delays. But despite it all, this weekend our very first sample came :D!


STRETCHY- ✓ YES (even stretchy enough to fit over my huge noggin)



I realized I forgot to set the stitching color when I ordered the samples, but all of the items on the hiveline shop have been updated to avoid this in the future. Points for reinforced double stitching though!


After the print quality, this is what I was unexpectedly most jazzed about. These neck gaiters are nearly 2x the legnth of others that I've bought on amazon over the years which is great for doubling up the fabric. They feel a lot more full-coverage.


As a designer, I don't get to see a lot of the things I make for clients in person very often. So it's the first thing I noticed when I pulled it out of the bag. The contrast is high and the colors are vibrant. Theres absolutely zero bleeding or muddiness. I couldn't be happier with this bit.

Versatility- ✓WIN

If course not every design on https://hiveline.carrd.co is reversible like this one, but what I dig about the two toned designs is that you can choose what color you want to wear. The purple side of this one makes me particularly happy :D.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my first thoughts on our latest designs. I can't wait to see Hive-C on @teamhumble once his emerges from the Latvian supply chain abyss.

Until next time everyone. Please stay safe!
<3 Dayle


they look so awesome, cannot wait to get mine! :) nice work you.

Thanks darlin! I check your tracking every morning. Hoping it will be there soon <3

It looks so good!
I honestly don't mind the white stitching, it gives it a little bit of an apocalyptic look which is all the rage these days. We don't have any, but I've got a couple of friends who go out in their N95 masks and don't like the looks they get from people, so a buff like this would cover up their hardcoreness.

I'm sure it's accidental that this version matches your hair so well.

SUUUUPER accidental lol.

And that's a really great idea to layer up like that, I also think these are tight enough that you could save your ears from those awful bands if you layered they'd keep the mask in place I'd imagine.

Also, who's giving looks in a DAMN PANDEMIC, sheesh!

Haha, last time we were at the grocery store some youths were all "looks like the doctors went shopping" at us... although we live in red neck county, so y'know... well informed.

Ah, that's awesome! Great job tight-buffs!

WOWWWwwwWWW well, they are getting their scientific information from TikTok sooo I'm not surprised.... Get ya gaiter on!

this is awesome! we shared your scarves on twitter:

Daww thanks for the love guys <3 Super appreciate the share!

They look great 😃👍🏽 adding your shop to the Hive Shopping Directory!

Woa thank you Donald that's awesome!