First post on Hive

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Logged in and here i am 😎, looks alright so far:)

Here are my 2 Auto-flowers which are Northern Lights & Green Wild Shark.
The Green Shark which bud development wise is way behind when compared to the Northern😕
Here is the Northern Light which is the same age as Green Shark, both are getting Low Stress Training done on them.
Way more Bud sites on the Northern

Both get Liquid Flowering Nutrients every second day and the other days i PH their water, today it was 6.4

Well that's done First post on hive!

All Pictures are mine

I am @dr-autoflower


Looking good bro!..,Ive got the same ph pen lol. My lil og kush are going out in may, still lots of snow here in canada

Thanks, those ph pens are great😀

So many tops! Great job on training that beast.

Thanks i have been watching that Canucks guy on Youtube😀

Thanks and good to see you here😎

Looking food man super amount of tops.