Wrapped Hive v1.0 open sourced!

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Wrapped Hive



Source code

Source code for Wrapped Hive v1.0 (centralized version) is now open source!

Read the code: https://github.com/Wrapped-Hive/oracle

Hive Engine tokens support

If you are interested to wrap your own Hive engine token, check out branch leo, where I'm working on adding support for LEO token (not finished yet).


If you find any security vulnerabilities, please contact me immediately on discord fbslo#8470 or email admin[at]fbslo[dot]net. You will be rewarded!

The production app is not running exactly the same code, frontend (and APIs) are separated and running on one server (by @privex), MongoDB is running on AWS, and the backend (reading only from blockchains) is on another server.

So if you somehow get an frontend server's IP address (frontend is behind Cloudflare), you can DDoS all day and while the website would be down, the app would still process transactions.


We are currently working on a decentralized v2.0 oracle that would remove the risk of exit scam or hack.

Join us on discord: https://discord.gg/ebQHNat.



This will put more trust in the system and increase the usage further.
Love how fast you are putting these things out.

Keep up the good work my man 👨

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Wrapped Hive and Leo could provide tremendous value to the token and the blockchain.
R u moving everything to mainnet or is some beta testing on testnet required?
Not entirely sure about about your plan of action so asking with the intent to help
A noob Qs Perhaps: If there is some way one could help you I would be glad to carry out transactions on testnet for this or future projects.
I am really excited about this 4 sure
Good luck @fbslo

Thank you!

I have picked your post for my daily hive voting initiative, Keep it up and Hive On!!