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I think it is safe to say that at this point Hive is somewhat consolidated as it works independently for a while now. In the beginning, I was excited, because things moved so fast. The novelty has worn off, though.

Technically the only difference to Steem is that the Steemit Inc. stake was moved towards the proposal system. Steemit Inc. lost all the original developers, who have probably signed some nda stuff, which means they can probably not work on Hive for a while, either, even if the wanted to.

In the meantime, we went back to business as usual, just that a lot more dev category posts make it to trending. I am sure that will wear of, too.

We will inevitably need updates to the code at some point, just to fix bugs or to improve performance and such things.

I think it is also safe to say that the popularity and consequently the price of Hive could be improved upon.

I am not sure, if Hive needs any big changes to the code, though.
It is possible, that this program is already good, but not widespread enough to release its potential.

Yet, I see proposals by some key players, which involve changing the whole system (again). They seem mostly interested in shutting down applications, they themselves exploited to earn a huge profit. I am against that for now.

There seems to be confusion and disagreement about where this whole enterprise is going and what the purpose of it is. To find out what needs to be improved, it would be necessary to establish a common goal first.

It is not clear to me, what the main purpose of Hive is.
What type of content should be rewarded and which set of rules would ensure the best outcome ?
Is content evaluation and rewarding the main purpose to begin with ?

I think Hive needs a whitepaper.

I did not manage to come up with a coherent text. I will just post this, since I wanted to write some of it down for quite a while now. I hope some of it is good. Got to run now.


for a whitepaper some one needs to understand the system first. They have forked Steem --> it is technically Steem. It was developed by Larimer and has not changed since. Chances are good that no one fully understands the consensus stuff. Chances are also good that no one really cares.

Steem/Hive is not even a crypto system. It is completely free of any Merkle proofs and shit. It is a purely economical based game mechanism subject to byzantine fault under some conditions we have seen lately.

build some form of vision is limited by the game mechanism powering the

  • consensus layer,
  • the DAO/ on chain governance layer
  • the proof-of-brain layer

it is already set in stone what the system can become and what not. P.S. the potential as grate tipping service and dApp Plattform is there but Steemit Inc. was at no big game convention. All the big players were there but not Steemit inc. . One needs to go out an make partnerships (Eli Powell and Head of Communications did nothing in that direction) in P2P Systems one calls people like Ms. Powell "leecher" ...for a very good reason

I mean: If it would become a dApp platform (for example), it would perhaps make sense to abandon the post rewarding (proof of brain?) mechanism altogether.
If they only run on the ability to store all sorts of custom data on chain, I would call that a re-purpose, as the original whitepaper (by larimer) is mostly focused on the proof of brain part.

P.S.: I do not see why they would include andrarchy in the new team either.

The Steem/hive blockchain never was thoughtful or sensible. It was fast, funky, fixed and faulty. A whitepaper that actually took user experience, content quality, and decentralised democracy serious would be nice. Adoption and a strong Hive depends on that I think.

I believe, user experience as in UI / UX stuff should come last.
If the infrastructure is solid, the tools will come.

Originally, there was a whitepaper, but it was amended whenever necessary before disappearing entirely.

It is not UI/UX I am interested in. More how the the whole concept makes sense to a user, what they will encounter, what is done to diminish the feeling of injustice and waste of time.

Ob weißer Rauch ein weißes Papier vermelden wird? ;-)

hive just has to collect all the "misfits" that are censored on youtube.

I managed to get onto Trending (now).. and there's no words of crypto, Hive talk or politics in my post at all. It would nice to see more posts of these types though.

Me neither, no idea where this is going.

And a white paper would be a good idea. As would sorting out the FAQs on hiveblog.... there's a few references to Steem in there still!

You are looking here mainly on the unknown technical roadmap, but imho the main question is the old one:

Where does the fresh money come from, which is needed to replace the old one taken out of the system?
If someone is buying hive, he is paying only for work which is already done.

Perhaps Justin has some good ideas to solve this problem.


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Following you. Really interested to read your viewpoints about STEEM/HIVE etc. Your comments on the thread about "top curators" caught my attention too. I've always maintained that it is almost, but not quite a brilliant system. A cool idea, but vulnerable to the cynicism of human beings. I don't believe altruism should be expected of anyone. It should be incentivized at protocol level. Can HIVE be tweaked to be less corrupt and more meritocratic? I believe (and hope) so, but there's a lot of work yet to be done.

Just so we are clear: the game theory behind it is way over my head.
I saw it working for a short moment though and understood it right away and it was glorious.

The mechanisms are already in place, I think.

The issue is the terrible distribution of stakes and how the whales collude.

I am at a point, where I think another fork and resetting all accounts looks the most interesting, but that is also way out of my league.