Why Hive is my dream job?

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  1. It is not a get rich quick scheme. I have not taken any profits in nearly 6 years. I am even proud of it. Why? Because I believe that it has potential to change my life for the better in the future.

  2. My payout depends mostly on my effort and patience. In the past I was creating art. I tried putting effort in my works but I have no talent for selling things. In hive if you put in effort long enough you will likely be noticed by bigger users and rewarded for your work. Patience pays. Like I said I been in hive for nearly 6 years. Now when I am consistent and put quality content daily I am experiencing great growth.

  3. Freedom. I can work on my own time. I can work when I want and how much I want. In hive I don't have to work from eight to five.

  4. I love what I do. In hive I can play my favorite games then write a blog about them and get paid for it. It is as close to being a pro gamer as I will ever be.

  5. People are interested in what I do. I get meaningful comments. That gives me a feeling of belonging and acceptance.

  6. Interesting people who create engaging and thought provoking topics. It seems that in hive everyone can find their niche. You can be successful writing about games, life, art, money, pets…

  7. Everything adds up. Effort put in creating content, the time spent connecting with others. It all is masters and is meaningful.

  8. Curation rewards. Now when I have over 8k Hive power I am starting to get decent rewards by liking others post.

  9. In hive everyone can find their own path. If you are poor bastard like me( or you just don't want to risk your money) you can rely mostly on author rewards and take a longer path. It might take several years until you will be happy with results but as long as you are patenciant you will likely succeed. If you are willing to risk your money and can afford to lose it you can take a quicker road. Buying Hive power. If you will have enough Hive power you will be getting good curation rewards for liking others posts. At that point you could choose not to blog or comment at all and just live of curation. My current goal is to reach enough Hive Power so I could live from curation and grow my account stake with author rewards. I have no plans of ever stopping writing a blog because I like doing that.


Awesome post there! I call it the snowballing effect! The start is always difficult but it gets easier with time! Cheers! :)

Thank you very much. Yes it only gets easier over time.

This is the way...

As they say in the Mandalorian.. 'This is the way."
I think it is wise to write for pleasure and curate for income.
I think writing for income is frustrating because you will always compare your rewards to those of others and be disappointed.
However, if you write for pleasure, you will always be rewarded with the joy you get from writing, and any actual rewards are just a bonus.

you are right. writing has to give pleasure.

well said. it really is great here on Hive and hopefully more people can see the greatness~

Thank you. I shared this on facebook but so far no one reacted to it.

o.o its ok facebook sucks

that is truth.

O.O the complete truth. thats why im barely on there plsu never posted