HIVE blows past 2 USD!

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So I haven't been posting in quite a while, and although I've been drafting on a post about the importance of sometimes taking proper breaks from things (a post I've been trying to complete for a few months as a natural first post to be making again) there was just no way that I could not take to the keyboard and make a short celebration post when seeing HIVE blow past $2 for the first time!

Hive two usd first time november 2021.jpg

HIVE price seen at a temporary level of $2.12 on November 25. 2021 as seen on coingecko

As I'm sure everyone will already know, price action has been really good lately, with the price reaching new highs quite regularly since Tuesday last week. I have no idea if there are any particular reasons for why the price should rocket right now, but it's not hard to see that it was inevitable given the good progress and news accumulating over the past months. That said, while I'm not at all surprised to see $2, I am a little bit surprised to see it happening this fast!

Hopefully, this new injection of value and attention can be used for more than just allowing the long-term community to take some deserved profits. Ideally, we can all use it to get more attention to our blockchain and dApps, encourage more friends and contacts to get a Hive account, even if only casually, and also make good strategic use of a growing DHF.

So what are your thoughts on the current situation for HIVE? Are we just seeing the first few green stems of a much larger stairway still ahead? And what do you think we can do together right now to make the best use possible of this attention and added financial strength?

As always, I would love to hear from you in the comments. And I promise that the time until my next post will be much shorter than the time since my last one.


I'm totally lost - this is such a huge 'run' that it has to fall down soon again, on the other hand I believe it's the beginning of something bigger :D Every action I take from here on will be small and careful, not going to NOT take profits (preparing for the bear market), not going to take them all at once... We will be a true discovery mode from here on.

no, its gonna keep going. i got a buncha fuckin celebrities and rich people into hive with shadow work

Hehe, years of crypto has taught me never to go 100% in one direction, as you'll then inevitably go 100% wrong eventually.

So I try to always bet 20% against myself 😛

The truth is that I had not seen any of your publications for a while, he was one of the first who supported me when I started here at #Hive and that is appreciated all my life. $ 2 seems like a great price but we optimists believe that an excellent job is being done with the blockchain, so let's hope this is just the beginning and we will overcome the $ 3 barrier before the end of the year 2021.

everyone from steem should be welcomed to hive unless they were involved in the un pleasant ness

Glad to hear that my support for your content has meant a lot to you😊. It is one of the many pleasures of owning HIVE to be able to make such a difference for people.

It seems like $3 was reached much faster than expect ed! Now let's see how well the price can hold up against general market FUD.

Yes my friend, your support has meant a lot to me, especially when I started in the community and it is a pleasure to see you publish often

Firstly, good to see you posting again and seeing old faces popping up. Especially ones that were a big part of the community and building good things.

I think that we have a huge amount of hype going this week which is the perfect tool to bring more users to the eco-system and strengthen it even further.

The people that showed up every day for the past couple of years will rightly be rewarded and it's a good time to take a little profit for all of that hard work.

We do still suffer from the same old problems though and ease of onboarding and user retention are still a struggle. Everything that can help there is of huge importance.

He is back! It is lovely to see your face populates in my feed again 😎
Many of our projects on HIVE are still in its baby-phases so definitely we will see some more greens to come buddy!

I like to think that everything gets better with my face on it😉.

Yup. It's mind-blowing to think how big our Ecosystem is becoming compared to other projects with much higher market cap. Still a long way to go😎

So what are your thoughts on the current situation for HIVE?

I'm happy for everyone in our community :)

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Those were my first thoughts too :). That the people here who have been hustling and buidling for so long while seeing other useless coins have gone through the roof really deserves this!

But as always, my mind always goes straight to thinking about what the opportunities are whenever there is a unique moment. And now I think we can use this momentum positively if we're clever.

hive will be a big gaming system and @dbuzz will replace twitter for artisst and nft people sick of getting banned and loosing their feeds and never making any money thats it maaaan

I am too excited to think ! 😁

That's f air enough :D , but also an emotion worth sharing ;)

It’s amazing, almost too good to be true… the new, newer, newest ATH at $2.60 after slogging away, daily, posting when it was .13 not too long ago!

Congratulations, to us, and long may it last 🍾 🥂

Today, is Thanksgiving in the US—one more reason to be grateful 😇


I think Hive is doing what Steem did in 2017-2018.

Unfortunately, I have started selling too early. It doesn't look like another Korean pump and dump. Maybe $5 isn't unrealistic after all :)

I guess we've all been guilty of selling things too soon😅. But that's still better than not having had anything to sell for a profit😉

Everytime I come back and refresh the page, it's gone up. Been watching this thing all week. We thought we wouldn't reach $2.00 until the end of the year, but the skies the limit! HANG ON!


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Haha indeed! Checking the price again and again feels like playing a slot machine that's always winning :D

We thought we wouldn't reach $2.00 until the end of the year, but the skies the limit!

There is no limit. We are going to the moon and beyond. 😂

You should never take breaks during bull runs :)

That's for sure! 😁 I expect to see a lot of people returning.

Just ticked over $3!

Yup! Insane speed! 😁

We are already close to $ 3, the rise we have had today is impressive, we are getting stronger every day.

Yeah, it's out of control now. Some groups stated the pumps 2-3 weeks ago and totally lost control now.

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Los pronosticos son buenos, asi que sera un buen paso para finalizar el año..

the blow past 2 dollars was another short squeeze. It might chill for a while now.

I did not expect such a rise. It's hard to understand if this is a real success of hive or just another pump and dump. The entire market is booming now.

OMFG! Congratulations to everyone!

It's exciting, but I don't know if it's sustainable. I just hope we settle well above the previous price. I was to see it stay in the top 200.

The previous high for the value of my stake was back in early 2018 when I had far less tokens. It's all powered up, so I cannot take advantage on the spike, but I can still enjoy it.


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ATH at $2.60. mind = blown!


Almost threedollars!

Go towards on peak

Same thoughts. Not surprised but I thought we’d need a bigger active user base on the blogging/core community end first.

It seems we have a nice situation caused by splinterlands, 3speak, and in the future more and more projects where these platforms need to stack hive which offsets the selling pressure of bloggers who wanna earn a living, and also slows down the dumps of the Korean exchange pump and dumps.

I’m in awe. What an awesome situation!

Let's go much higher, together!

Is amazing