Proposal #128 - Update: Shortening of the text and including links to relevant information instead.

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Updating the main proposal post was no "simple" task.

First of all, much has been done over the past months, everything from completely changing the paradigm for the approach to tackling the insertion and communications with various websites to introducing HivePatron as a unique fully functioning and fully decentralized feature, then adding the account creation feature while all along working on the UI of the extension. Finally with the work completed on Telegram and the introduction of MyAltWallet-Telegram, along with HiveTips on Telegram, this new approach to how the project shall move forwards is showing to be more than advantageous for all existing front ends and apps utilizing Hive.

Not to mention all the updates in the flow of information concerning the proposal.

All in all, we saw well over 20 pages (more like over 30 all together) in the proposal post.

So what we have done is listen to fellow colleagues out there who have recommended to us that we should put what we can into "Links" and make the proposal post "not so lengthy".

OK. We just did that.

For those who don't like reading posts, here is a video explaining the above:

So that can be now checked off the list of "constructive criticisms" that needed addressing.

Next on the list is the new UI for the browser extension. It is in the final testing phase.

Yours sincerely

@jackmiller for FullALT