Hive: Recognition Opportunities

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In order for Hive to grow and gain global recognition it needs to widen its reach. There are several groups who are doing all types of promotional activities of social media for Hive, which is a great start. We also need to celebrate Hive at all professional and relevant opportunities. That includes awards and other forms of crypto/blockchain industry recognition.

Last week I sent in a submission on behalf of Hive for the Blockchain Solution of the Year award at AIBC Malta.

It was a fairly simple submission process that still required a cohesive and professional description written for Hive. It shouldn't be too long or no one will read it but it should get the message across.


Anyone who sees such opportunities, please let myself know. I am not asking you to sit there composing submissions. But if you do find one, drop me a line on Discord or on the blog somewhere, and I'll get it filled out.


Thanks for your effort!

I see the biggest drawback in everything in regards to expansion is digital.

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